Comprehensive List of 51 Most Essential Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Check the list of comprehensive & most essential plugins for WordPress. These are also the best WordPress plugins for 2024.

You love WordPress because it allows you to do the task very easily, thanks to the availability of various Plugins. Just like how free you are using an Android phone, you are free to install any WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins 2024

Below is the collection of 51 essential plugins for WordPress that we found helpful. You might not need all of them but all of them are pretty useful and so we made 51 of them.

Check it out by yourself -

Must-Have WordPress Plugins
Unique WordPress Plugins

AMP Plugin

Accelerated Mobile Pages aka AMP is a project by Google in order to accelerate websites to go for mobile ranking. There are many AMP WordPress plugins available but in our view, the AMPforWP is the perfect plugin to get the job done and provides other things via add-ons.

It's a free WordPress plugin but you will have PRO features by paying a premium price and there are add-ons as well.

Download AMPforWP Plugin

JetPack by WordPress

JetPack is the mother of all WordPress plugins. First, install and then tell me.

As soon as I install WordPress on any blogs, I just consider navigating to Plugins > Add New and search for JetPack. I would say JetPack is one of the wonderful plugins designed for easy WordPress handling and it does the work for many plugins under one roof. I have stated at least 10 reasons why I use the JetPack plugin for WordPress.

JetPack can do the following things for you -

  • Easy Contact Form, no need to look further for another plugin
  • Add custom CSS codes to your site
  • Automatically share content on a famous search engine or a Social network for the recent post that you have published.
  • Using the Mobile theme module, you can show mobile-friendly websites to your visitors on mobile devices like Android, iPhone, or on a tablet as well.
  • Photon module will make your site images load faster by caching them to WordPress CDN, improving site speed.
  • Related posts can also be shown
  • Show sharing buttons
  • View incredible site stats
  • Allow and manage subscriptions on your site, completely free
  • Easily correct any grammar or spelling mistakes before the post is published
  • More features in the Pro versions.

With those features in one plugin, you are making your site load faster as each plugin contributes to your requests or page size.

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All-in-one functionality in just one plugin.


With JetPack, I can only imagine only Pros but it does have a few cons -

  • If you have the Photon module enabled, and if you disable it, then on your previous shared posts on the Facebook Fan page and Google+ page, you will get a broken featured image. Actually not a con, just a catch in functionality but a thing you should know before using it

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO super easy with Yoast, the best WordPress SEO plugin ever

SEO for any site is very important. Those who want more options under your WordPress SEO plugin can go with the Yoast SEO Plugin.

The Yoast plugin has the option to set Breadcrumbs on your site, order how to display pages, media, and posts in search engines, and allows you to add two more things - get rid of the Sitemap plugin as it comes with a built-in Sitemap tool and secondly takes care of most of the 'Google Search Console' options here like - fixing the crawler errors, not-found errors and lot more.


  • Option to generate Sitemap.
  • Great features in the free plugin as well.


  • The free version allows targeting with only one focus keyword.

Ad Injection

Managing ads on your site effectively

90% of WordPress blogs are meant to generate income from advertising. By far, Ad Injection is the best Ad management WordPress plugin to manage advertising scripts easily and effectively. Using Ad Injection you can handle Google AdSense,, Infolinks, VigLink & other CPM ad codes on your site effectively. Currently, I am using it on all of my blogs.

Apart from placements, Ad Injection includes several other Settings like blocking certain IPs, showing ads to visitors from only search engines, ad rotation, split testing, repeat ads, disabling ads on pages, homepage, search results, 404 Error pages, filters are available & many more. All these are from a full free plugin.


  • Full control of ads on your blog

Download the Ad Injection Plugin

W3 Total Cache

The award-winning & the best performance cache WordPress plugin

W3 Total Cache is an essential plugin for WordPress blogs as it will significantly improve page loading time thereby enhancing user experience. You will see at least 10x improvement in your site's overall performance.


The W3 Total Cache includes the following functions -

  • Enables you to catch WordPress pages and posts
  • Allows you to minify Javascript and CSS in order to speed up your site
  • Caching database
  • Caching of objects
  • HTTP compression
  • Enable fragment caching to reduce execution time for common operations

W3 Total Cache Alternatives are -

  • WP Super Cache
  • WP-Rocket (No free version)
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Fastest Cache
  • Breeze


With an increase in mobile users, people want information available right on their mobile devices. If your website is featured rich, then it might be slow to load on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is why the Accelerated Mobile Project was created to provide fast-loading mobile-optimized content. Using the AMP plugin by Automattic, the makers of the Jetpack plugin you can get AMP-compatible versions of your WordPress posts.



AMP means faster loading of pages

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Don't support ads. This is where other AMP WordPress plugins have taken advantage.

Download AMP for WordPress Plugin


TablePress is designed for those bloggers who don't know how to create HTML tables. Forget coding and easily integrate tables on your blog wherever necessary.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is yet another popular Cache plugin available for WordPress. The debate of W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache still remains hot favoring both.


All-in-One SEO Pack

This plugin is the most downloaded SEO Plugin for WordPress blogs. It will optimize site title, and post/page title and automatically generate meta tags.


Broken Link Checker

This plugin will check out any link that is broken or shows not found an error, or a timeout error. Quite essential in terms of SEO.


For those who are very concerned about internal linking on their blogs via manual methods, Insights Plugin is designed for them. Select a keyword and it will list out articles relating, allowing users to go through one-click interlinking. We currently use this plugin on our blog.


Akismet is an all-time popular plugin designed to keep away the spam comments on your blog.


Too many comments on your site can result in the slow loading of pages. This is where the external comments plugin is quite important.


CommentLuv plugin redefines the way you show up comments in your blog. There are Bloggers who have enabled this plugin and it's a powerful social enticement plugin.

Download CommentLuv for WordPress


Essential required for any database errors, and optimizations.

Advanced Database Cleaner

The clean-up plugin will automatically delete the junk files, trashes, autosaves, and post version from your blog. This will help to speed up your blog for fast loading & performance.


deletes junk files, auto drafts easily


May delete your WP-tables if not used properly

Google XML SiteMap

XML sitemap will help Google to index your site in a better way by predefining a structure that is easily understood by Google. It's the must-have plugin for those who are looking to get their site indexed in Google Search Engine.

You might not need this if you are using the Sitemap module in the Yoast plugin.

Image Watermark

For those who need to watermark images, the Image Watermark plugin will help you automatically add a watermark to images uploaded and also to the existing images on your site.

Contact Form 7

This plugin will easily create a Contact Form that can be integrated anywhere in your blog. You can handle multiple Contact forms using this plugin.

If you are using JetPack by WordPress you shouldn't use this plugin as it includes Contact forms pre-installed.


WP-DB-Backup plugin will allow you to easily back up the WordPress database table. So any user who is worried about messing stuff should install this plugin to keep his blog safe from hackers.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Even though Responsive WordPress designs are out in the market, many bloggers still use the older WordPress themes which are non-compatible with mobile devices. WP Touch Mobile plugin will automatically design a mobile version of your blog.


Are worried about spam comments on your blog? Captcha plugin will make things harder for that auto commenting software as it brings on the captcha code to be entered.


This plugin will replace old-type post navigation ie., older posts, and newer posts with your custom post navigation.

BulletProof Security

Hackers are everywhere. Your WordPress blog might be easier for hackers to get through but the BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is designed for you to keep hackers away.

UpdraftPlus - WordPress Backup and Restoration

A blogger is always worried about hackers and the security of his blog. The updraft plus plugin will allow you to easily backup and restore your WordPress blog.

WP e-Commerce

WP eCommerce allows you to convert your WordPress blog to eCommerce sites easily without paying anything.

Add Link to Facebook

This plugin will automatically send a link to your wall, page when you publish an article.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGen Gallery is the intuitive way to show Gallery on the blog but I think the newly improved WordPress Gallery is a better option, still, NextGen Gallery makes it to the list of the best 51 WordPress plugins here.

Advanced Custom Fields

This plugin will allow you to add custom fields to your blog editor providing an easy way to quickly integrate.


Bookmarklet plugin for WordPress allows you to add social media sharing options apart from normal Facebook, Twitter, or MeWe buttons. It supports 22 famous social bookmarking sites.


Theme-Check is an essential plugin for developers.

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So those were our collection of the most essential Plugins for WordPress blogs. Anything else you are using apart from what is mentioned above? Do let us know via comment and we will be happy to add it to the list.

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Check the list of comprehensive & most essential plugins for WordPress. These are also the best WordPress plugins too.
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