How to Fix Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag AMP Error

Ever since the mobile Internet users have crossed desktop visitors, webmasters are trying hard to make website which are mobile compatible. Consumers now want information right from their smartphone or tablet PC. As such need of having faster loading mobile pages is on high. Everyone wants faster accessible pages, which can be displayed even from slow 2G or 3G mobile data connection. Google has also added website loading speed as one of the parameters to rank a website in the Google search engine. Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is the latest open source technology adopted by Google and the webmasters to speed up their website for mobile users.

Typically AMP is a way to build faster loading web pages which has static content. Publishers who are using WordPress can simply implement it by using any of the AMP WordPress plugins.

Here in this particular case, we are dealing with a guide on how to fix 'Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag' when you implement AMP on WordPress. It's a common AMP Error that should be fixed.

How to Identify Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag Error Pages

If you are on this page then you might have noticed this AMP error. Google's Search Console, formerly the Webmaster tools help you to easily identify pages with AMP error on your website.

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So head on to Search Console > Search Appearance and then click on Accelerated Mobile Pages.

You will see a graph depicting AMP pages indexed and the AMP pages with an error in orange line.

Fixing the AMP Errors

Actually fixing the AMP error lies in clearly understanding what the problem is. So, its important that you completely understand the problem or read what does Google has to say.

So, to get a detailed report, click on the issue relating to invalid HTML tag use and it will list out all the pages that have this AMP implementation wrongly.

You can download the page URLs with errors which also shows last time when it was detected.

Also if you click on any of the AMP pages URL, you will get full details where the error happens.

As you see in the above screenshot, the error what I did was in implementing phone table in that particular web page. I added table border which by AMP, is an invalid HTML tag. So I will have to remove the WordPress table border.

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So this is how you can fix invalid use of HTML Tag errors on AMP pages of your website.

Do comment below if you have any particular problem relating to AMP on your WordPress blog.

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