About Me

Yogesh Khetani is a popular Blogger, online Entrepreneur hailing from the Internet era where the web was just born, [almost one-third of my age].

By profession, Yogesh Khetani is an Electronics and Communication Engineer from JNTU University [Hyderabad]. In the Engineering second year itself, my father faced a financial crisis and I was luckily worked part-time for Amit Bhawani, the famous blogger, and YouTuber doing SEO submissions services.

Ever since I passed out in 2008 [Yes, the beginning of recession time] handled different jobs. For the first two years, I worked for Google Maps [GIS] as a third-party client in order to improve Google Maps for better navigation. The current Google Maps evolution is due to the Google GIS team in Hyderabad.

The next two years I was involved in an unsuccessful Printer business but I know that's just a part of my life and moved on. During this phase, I use to work for Amit Bhawani part-time too. And then what next follow up is YogeshKhetani.com and blogging journey begun full-fledged.

I was introduced to blogging in 2007 itself with Blogger.com, a platform to create free blogs. I also handled SEO works.

Currently, I am a full-time blogger, in general words entrepreneur making money from the web managing several blogs and websites like TechnosAmigos, AdvicesAcademy.com, Nokia Android Phones, AppleiPhoneTips.us, Blu Cell Phones, and several other blogs.

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