How to Make $3014 per Month from Google AdSense | Newbie Guide

I earn $35,000 i.e., $3014 a month from Adsense, make money from Google Adsense is really possible. Here is how to get started.

Make Money from Google AdSense: A Million people desire to make money online but they are clueless on how to and where to start. Working online has become a livelihood for many. In the past few years, many professionals have switched their lifestyle to self-employed and got rid of 9 to 5 job. Among the few to name, Amit Agarwal an Engineer from I.I.T, quit his job at ADP Inc., to become a professional blogger, first one to do so. Just like that Matt Chow, Harsh Agarwal, Amit Bhawani, Kulwant Negi, Arun Prabhudesai & many have chosen blogging lifestyle. Those are just the persons that came to my mind randomly.

If you're a newbie, I am sure you are reading their names for the first time but you might have heard or come through advertisement or some form that people are making a livelihood by working online. You can find a lot of success stories on popular websites and newspapers. Many of the make online frauds but making money through blogging [through Advertising programs] is the most genuine method. Something that you can rely on 99.9%.

Do you want to become a blogger and achieve success as an online entrepreneur? If yes, then read this comprehensive guide on how I run websites & blogs to make money online sitting at the comfort of home.

A small request: Majority of bloggers are doing copy-paste or similar stuff. Stop doing everything else, pause yourself from being multi-tasked and just read this post completely with all your focus - you never know it might be a life changing for you. Infact you even can earn income online, if you are so passionate about it.

The Internet is an open world and there are hundreds of ways through which you can make money. Google AdSense program is just one of them.

Here I am especially focused on making money from Google AdSense, an ad network which needs no explanation. 80% of people who are earning money from the web are using Google AdSense program to achieve success. Without any risk, Google AdSense is the safest bet to earn money online. What more, it's officially by Google, a hundred percent trustworthy.

This complete guide is for newbie aspirants who want to make money online from Google AdSense. Here is will cover topics like how to create a site, how to apply for Adsense, ad placement, do's and dont's and how much you can expect to earn.

By the end of the article, you will completely understand how easy it is to get started, set up a site and make money online. But first, let me share my Google AdSense income of last month and this month.

How much I earn from Google AdSense per month?

➡ My monthly income report

There are people who are making millions, if not thousands of dollars every month via AdSense. Here is what I have earned in last three years and last month [$34,828.86 = Rs 22,63,820/- in India] just from Google AdSense.

Last month turned out to be tremendous for me. My income from Adsense almost increased three folds. So here is the screenshot of last 30 days earning -

I made around $3014 which equals to Rs 2,01,551 a month in India. 2 lacs per month i.e., Rs 6500 a day is the appreciable amount and it's equal to the salary of a reputed company manager.

I am sure earning statistics as mentioned in the above screenshot might have motivated you. Anyone can do that. It's quite simple and straight-forward. In this post, I have disclosed everything secret of fetching a good income from Google AdSense program.

Neither it's a fake 'Make Money from home scheme' nor I am going to charge you a fee. You can read official Google AdSense success stories. Income earned from Google AdSense is completely legal because you are paid through Wire Transfer/Checks from Google Inc.

Why am I sharing this secret of Money Making?

This is a free report of my success and I am sharing with my fellow friends because I believe that “Money only grows by sharing. The more you donate, the more will come back to you”. Add to that, you might have heard the famous saying "Money attracts money". This doesn't mean that I am blogging for money.

I had a passion for being something different from the crowd and I knew it since my college days that I don't want a 9 to 5 job. I had a clear motto that I want to be a boss.

Enough of my philosophy, let's move on.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising platform which entitles several publishers to fund their passion. It's one of the ways to earn money through Internet/the web, all legally.

An Adsense publisher is a person/company which is approved to run their ads. In web terminology, it's a Pay Per Click [PPC] ad network, infact the best one because it's almost five to ten times better than any ad network. That's why it has attracted a lot of people's attention and many are making their livelihood as a freelance blogger.

How does Google AdSense Works?

It's quite important for website owners to know how Google AdSense works. Complete details about it are provided in this post.

In simple words, AdSense publishers will get paid for the clicks on ads on their websites. It works on the basis of CPC [Cost Per Click] and EPC [Earning Per Click].

Research & get Started

Now that you have got clear idea of what AdSense is, let's move on how to plan for a website.

I don't want you to miss this section because -

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

I want you to read it 100 times before to proceed further because I don't want any of you falling behind and wasting your time.

Purely that magical sum of Adsense figure has come after hard work. No, it's not luck. I know how many hours a day I put to get those achievements and fruits of your hard work are always sweeter.

So before we move on to next session, you will have to analyze on what topic you want to blog with.

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe."

That's another saying by Anatole France. Lots of quotes 😛

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

What You will Need

Probably this is the easiest section that you will not have to look further. In order to get going with Google AdSense, you will need these -

  • A good laptop/desktop setup
  • Working Internet connection

Those two will do it but most importantly your passion for working hard is what matters the most.

Creating a blog for Google AdSense Account

If you ask me - do we need to have a website or blog for Google AdSense? Then, the answer is yes. In order to be a Google Adsense publisher, you will need a website or a blog. Many tend to confuse website and blog because both interpret similar meaning with only one major difference - the data presentation format. A blog has a sequential listing of posts while a website maybe presents you with fixed data, flash, images, HTML or Javascript. Generally, companies, services providers, eCommerce sites etc., have a website. A website can be complimented with a blog.

Believe me, running a website/blog is super easy and you don't need to learn any course or go through coding. Everything on front-end is available in easy to understand language. Apart from English, you can use it in your own language as well.

Coming back to our topic here, you can get Google AdSense account by three ways now -

Through Blogger i.e., Free Blogspot blog

Google has created platform through which they allow people to get free blogs but with domain name extension. enables you to earn money from Google without investment. Yes, it's completely free and there is nothing like PRO or pay to use version.

Smart way by using Blogging Platforms

Several blogging platforms are available. As far as I know, there are 15 CMS which can get you a blog. WordPress is widely popular CMS for blogging. Several others you can try are -

Choose any of the platforms but I personally recommend going with WordPress because it's a widely popular platform with interesting themes and several plugins. Our is running on WordPress CMS with Newspaper theme. It's a stunning theme, used by many sites.

How to use YouTube to get AdSense Account

You can create a YouTube Channel and upload your creative videos to start making money via Google AdSense. You will be called as a vBlogger because you are blogging using videos.

Check out my YouTube Channel and that should give you a rough idea.

How to book a Domain & Web Hosting

In order to earn money from Google AdSense, you will need a website. Technically speaking, a website has two primary things -

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting space

Domain name is the name of your site, an identification among several other websites. It's just like your name among other peoples.

In order to make your content available over World Wide Web [www] you need to buy web hosting space, also known as a server. They are always online to make your content available 24 x 7. It's much like space that you rent to carry out your business.

And to get a website up and running, you will have to book a domain name and web hosting in order to get started. Here is how to do it.

For booking a domain name you can purchase it from There are several types of web hosting and several providers as well. I have written well-documented step by step guide on how to get your website up and running. Please refer that.

How to Apply for Google AdSense

Now that your site is up, you should apply for inclusion as a Google AdSense publisher. But wait, you need meet the following requirements.

Check-List Before Applying

  • Age Requirements: You should be 18 years old.
  • When applying from countries like India your blog needs to be atleast six months old and this is one of their minimum requirement.
  • Your blog should comply with all Google AdSense Policies. You need to set up a well written Privacy Policy page as well.
  • You will also need about us, contact us page as well.
  • Content should be unique and plagiarism free.
  • Having enough content is a must. A minimum of 50 high quality posts should be enough, however it doesn't guarantee you.
  • AdSense does work on site using other network ads but better don't use them when applying for AdSense.
  • Avoid using paid traffic generation programs.
  • Mention Source and image source where-ever possible.

Google AdSense Application Procedure

Now that you know the checklist and minimum requirements, let us proceed on how to apply for AdSense and getting a blog of your own approved for monetization from the best network in the world.

Step 1: Create a Google [Gmail ID] account on your name providing all the correct details where-ever asked during signup. or even you can use your existing Gmail account.

Step 2: Visit Google AdSense Signup and click on Sign up Now.

Step 3: You will be taken to next page and here you need to click on Sign in. Use your Gmail ID/Google Account to log-in.

Step 4: In the next page you will be asked to enter your site and site language and click on Save and Continue.

Step 5: Provide all the details asked in step 3 like your address, Payee name, and other information in order to submit your application. Make sure you have entered correct details as per your bank account and it should match payee name.

Now part 1 is done from your site, its all left to Google AdSense to approve your site. It could take a couple of days for them to review your site. Do check for any email.

If you get approved by them, your will receive an email. You are now half a way through. Read the email which will mention you on how to access AdSense code generation section.

Generate a code and place it on your site. Make sure that you have placed the ad code on the site to which you have applied. This step from Adsense team is to check how good is your traffic. The team also checks for advertisers interests and several other parameters? This is actually the final step. During this process, until approval, you will see blank ads on your site. They will go live automatically when your website is officially approved. You will also receive an email welcome you to the Google AdSense program.

Ad Placement

Finally, you have an AdSense account and ready to rock and roll. It's the time to place ads on your site. You should consider reading this help guide from Google team on best practices for ad placement.

How will I get Paid by Google AdSense?

This is probably the section you should not be worried about because AdSense is the most preferred and trusted ad network. You are bound to receive the payment from them until and unless your break into their policies. For the best understanding, I suggest you take your time in reading this informative article by Marziah Karch.

Google AdSense pays publishers when their overall earning reaches $100. Since you are a newbie, you will be sent a PIN to your address for verification once when your earning crosses $10 mark. You will receive the PIN within 2-3 weeks. This is called as PIN Verification process. You need to enter that before your receive any payments.

Google pays their publishers through Check or Wire transfer or through Electronics Funds Transfer [EFT]. As far as Indian publishers are concerned, they are now receiving the payments through wire transfer directly to your bank account. A nominal fee is levied.

That was about Payment. You can read further about how Google Adsense payment works here.

How much can you earn from Google AdSense?

Google AdSense earning potential & scope

To be frank with you there is no straightforward answer to it. I make thousands per month, you may get a couple of dollars or hundreds or more, all depends on various factors. This is why at the start of the article, I clearly told you to take your time doing a research and coming out with a systematic plan. Though I would like to tell you that possibilities are endless. There are people earning five-figure income with AdSense and even six figure income earners as well.

When you start, you may get only a few dollars a month for few months. This will be good enough to pay for hosting, domains and Internet bills.

Don't be discouraged. Just focus on long-term goals.

Within two to three months you will be saving a couple of dollars from what you have done. It's time for you to start tasting online digital world and your hard-work doesn't end here. As your blog grows, you will earn good substantial income to survive.

In order to fetch good Google AdSense income every month, you will have to work on writing great content. Just remember promoting your content is as much important as researching for a keyword.

Finally, congratulations to you for becoming one of me. I am [infact the whole community] is here to help you. Just remember subscribe to our email updates, notifications, follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus and on Twitter as well.

How long does it take for Google Ads to show up?

If you have placed the ad code on your website, then within 48 hours ads will start showing up. Many have reported that ads on their website started running within 24 hours. At the end, it all depends on certain parameters like advertisers interest, ad sizes, etc.,

Google AdSense Do's and Don'ts

  1. Always play safe with Google AdSense. Don't try to fool them in any respect. They are smart enough to detect your techniques.
  2. Don't over optimize your site with too many ads banner. Although Google has removed number of ads that you can place on a page, still visitors experience holds key to success.
  3. Don't ever click on your own ads. Not even encourage someone to click on it.
  4. It's always a good thing to keep your CTR(Click Through Rate) less than 3 percent.
  5. Always work on to improve your site's RPM(Page Revenue per Thousand Impressions).
  6. You can share the amount your earned but you are not allowed to share actual stats through screenshot or any other form on web.


Google AdSense Publisher Review

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