Google AdSense Maximum Allowed Ad Units Per Page

Google is a widely popular contextual ad network that every webmaster knows. Being #1 ad network, some webmasters miss-use their ad codes in order to maximize earning. In order to protect advertisers interest, Google has implemented strict program policies. First and the foremost they limit participating publishers in terms of ad units that they can display on a webpage. They are very strict regarding their Terms of Service [TOS] and ensures that every publisher follows their advertising policies. As you might be very new to Google AdSense, the first thing you should know is the ads units that you can implement on your page.

Google AdSense Maximum Allowed Ad Units

One of the most questions that every publishers ask is - What is the maximum number of AdSense units that I can place on a web page?

I order to help you for not being banned by AdSense, I have divided this post on the basis of your account -

  • New AdSense Publishers & Bloggers
  • Established Bloggers

Established Publishers

If you are established bloggers, you will know that Google offers following types of ad formats, categorized as following -

  • AdSense Text/Display unit
  • AdSense Link unit
  • AdSense for Search

Google AdSense team have added following ad formats very recently -

  • AdSense Page Level Ads
  • AdSense Matched Content [Matched Content may not be available for your site]

Here are the maximum Ad units allowed per page accordingly by Google -

  • You can place a maximum of three content ad units on a particular web page.
  • You can also place three link units on a single page.
  • You can at the most place two search units on any web page.
  • You can add one Page level Ad unit on any web.
  • You can add one Matched Content Ad unit on any web.

If you are asking more, then let me tell you that - by the time you ad those ad units, your page will be full of ads. If you are willing to ad more, then you can do it but from a different ad network, Google is ok with it but I wouldn't recommend you to do that for several reasons.

New Publishers

If you are new publishers, your account is on watch by AdSense back-end team and anything fishy will definitely lead your account to permanent termination. Maximum ads that you can place on web page is same as that of established blogger [mentioned above] but since you are new publishers, Click Through Rate [CTR] should be watched. Many experts suggests that it shouldn't be more than 3%. As such I would recommend you to decrease the number of ads units that you can display until you become professional in the field.

Some suggestions that I can offer you -

  • Place a maximum of two content ad units.
  • Links units have performed very well for me and it should for you as well. Blend the Link unit ad color with your theme and place them above the fold.
  • You can add one AdSense for Search Unit. Since you are a new publisher and your website traffic is too low, very less percentage of people will use it. I am not even using it on any of my blogs.


While implementing anything, make sure that visitors impression is a most important thing. I have never recommended using pop-up and pop-unders and you should be very selective on what ad network that you use along with Google AdSense on your site.Anything you have to ask? Make use of comment below and I will definitely reply to it.

Update as on January 25, 2018: Google has removed 3 ads per page limit. Read More