How to Get Genuine Facebook Likes on Post/Photo

In a world which is now connected via social media, getting the maximum attention is what matters to keep your followers following you. This article, without further stretching the introduction paragraph, throws light on how to get genuine Facebook likes on post or photo of yours.

Genuine Facebook Likes

Facebook and Twitter have emerged as best social networking sites and nearly 80% of people who are connected on Internet have their either Facebook or Twitter account. Facebook or Twitter popularity is measured in terms of how many likes or shares you get on your posts. Getting fake Facebook likes is quite easy than the real one as their are lot many promotional tool sites like AddmeFast, YouLikeHits, WeLikeHits etc, etc.,.

Genuine Facebook Likes vs Fake Likes

So how do you differentiate genuine Facebook likes vs fake ones? Quite easy! You sho 1x1 1 1xzz111uld look out for Facebook Likes vs Facebook Share vs Facebook Comments ratio. If you either see many Facebook Likes than the number of shares/comments or vice-versa definitely it’s the person has paid for likes or shares.

A better example is given below wherein the person has received 252 likes but not evens a single comment or share, means that person has used Facebook like services from AddmeFast or YouLikeHits or any other.

Fake Facebook Likes example with No Comments/Shares

Wasn't that easy to observe? So fake vs original, the difference is for original you see people commenting on your post, liking and some sharing it on their timeline.

Embedded Facebook Posts on Websites

That was about genuinity of your post history but how will you get real Facebook likes/shares/comments.

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Follow these techniques to get maximum reach of your post -

  • Add More Friends - To get exposure you should have audience. Without adding people that you know you will not reach the people's attention. So first on your profile add friends/colleagues that you know. Practically you will only only reach 10-20% of your friends. [88 Friends Request, hmm need to accept the people that I know]
  • Time on Timeline - If you are posting last year Christmas photos or an award photo that you have received last year, no one will be eager to see because most of your friends already know about it. Your timing is very important. A good example is the recent post wherein I posted about my participation in Cricket Tournament conducted by Kutch Kadva Patidar Samaj (Hyderabad) and I played for Power XI. On December 28, 2014 11 AM the match was held and the next day morning I created a new Facebook Album.
  • Tag Your Friends - Since that was a team, I tagged all of those friends who played for Power XI. Now that will help me to multiply likes on the post as the post will appear on all of my tagged friends making the post reach their friends. So tagging will always lead to multiplication in comments, likes and shares. Be careful while tagging because busy people will remove the tag from that post.
  • Add Contributors - For Album on Facebook, you can now add contributors who can add more photos to the existing album. By adding contributors, you will get more photos on that album and all this will give you more reach.

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So that was about my personal experience on how to get real Facebook likes to post, photos that you upload. Still if I have missed anything you can let me know via comments. Feel free! This tips can be implement for business/product/service promotion as well.

Yogesh Khetani: Yogesh is been in the field of technology for over seven years and keeps him updated with the latest smartphone in the market. He also loves outdoor games and so as a part of his hobby, he keeps you updated with blogging and technology news and updates.