How to Embed Facebook Post on Blogs & Websites

For bloggers, social media presence has become quite a necessity. Readers want to stay connected with blog owners via any of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn(to some extent). In turn, readers have started measuring the success of bloggers on the basis of how many real followers he/she has on Facebook, Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter have turned into a good source for bloggers to gain followers. According to me, a perfect blogger is not just good at replying comments on blog posts but caring for people when they ask for something at a Facebook post of your own.

Well, I am up with blog post to let you know that it’s not just Twitter but with Facebook too now you can embed a post in your site. Facebook launched Embed post feature a few months ago and using this feature you can directly grab the code to directly display posts, post it on your blogs wherever you find it appropriate. This is quite useful when you want to show something to your friends. Something like the most likes that you have achieved or to showcase user feedback or testimonials.

Embedding Facebook Post on Blogs

Follow the 3 step guide to embed a Facebook post on WordPress blogs –

  • First locate which Facebook post you want to share. Now click on the drop-down arrow as seen on the respective Facebook post and then you will find the option of Embed Post.
  • This will open up a pop up on your browser with Embed Code and the preview available straightaway. Hmm! Looks wonderful, let's go ahead and embed it our blog.
  • So the final step, copy the code and go to HTML in your Text Editor mode and paste the code.

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Hola! That done and way to easy. I have done it and here it goes –

Sadly there is no customization available right now as the Embedded posts will be displayed with same dimensions that you see on your Facebook page.

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