How to Get First 100 Facebook Likes Within 9 Hours

How to get first 100 Facebook likes within 9 hours or even less than that time period.

Achieving a milestone is a big thing but it's not that easy. For people obsessed with Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites, achieving their first 100 likes is a big task. On my Facebook profile many times I crossed 100 likes but it took well over three to four days. Just this month, for an experiment I took up the challenge on how quick I can get first 100 likes and with that experiment I was able to learn something which I want to share with you all. Interested? So here I will teach you on how to get first 100 Facebook likes within 9 hours on your profile without actually doing nothing. FYI - I am not referring to any software or asking you to buy something. It's a simple trick which when followed will fetch you desired results very soon.

Are you ready? So let's get started.

How to Get Facebook Likes

You might be aware that there are some services which offers Facebook Like/Subscribe/Follow exchange but for your kind information, I haven't used any of them. Infact, such likes are good for nothing because they are either spam or bots, so my advise - don't use them.

Ok! So first some screenshots or the proof!

Here is the screenshot just after 9 hours of uploading the below photo on Facebook. You can follow me on Facebook at I reached 100 likes in less than 9 hours, maybe within 7 hours or 8 hours (I couldn't track them correctly because I uploaded photo in the night and then slept. When I woke up I was shocked to see those results). I noticed 123 likes when I opened back my Facebook early next day morning. First 100 Facebook likes target was achieved. To my surprise, the same photo had 200 likes within next 12 hours.

So you will have few questions in your mind - So how did I managed that feat? How can I get 100 likes or more on Facebook. All the questions are answered. Here is the case study on what you should do and what not.

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Here are the key things which according to me should get you to this century mark within no time -

#1 : Put up Everything

First and foremost thing is to ensure that you have attractive title and description up there. Remember those with eye-catchy and attractive titles makes the most. Don't write lengthy text. Just be creative but don't publish before reading the below few Facebook tips.

#2 : Tagging Friends

Tagging friends does wonders. Tag all the friends/peoples who are involved. This will allow your post to be posted on their Timeline and hence by multiplying your reach to more Facebook users. Well, in that above photo I tagged around 20 peoples who were with me at that moment. Suppose you have 200 friends and your tagged friend has 1000 friends, means that the post will be reaching to 1200 people. Just imagine! But remember that tagging all those people who weren't involved in the photo that you have posted, might end up the other way. They will report you to Facebook for spamming. So tag only those people who were actually involved.

#3 : Be Active

Now that you have posted, is your job done? Will the free Facebook likes come in? No! Infact your major job starts now.

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Once you have uploaded a photo, be active and reply to all comments that you get. Alternative, like all the comments that you have received.

#4: Keep Engaged in Conversations

If someone comments on your post, make sure that you reply to that comment. Most of the times, you will have something to say in reply to their comment, if you have nothing to say, then just enter 'Thank you', that will even do it.

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Never miss to reply to a comment.  Lacking reply-back ideas?

Here is one tip - There are things that we are not shown in photos, something like what happened after that, what happened before. Many people might be curious to know. That can even lead to user engagement.

#5 : Share

Facebook Groups works like charm. It can help multiple your reach up to 10 times. I am using them to promote my articles so that it reaches out to masses and to a set of targeted audience. There are many popular niche based Facebook Groups which you can be part of. Share in Facebook Groups, but I don't recommend sharing your personal photos. Any other general information can be shared. For example on this Facebook Tech Group, you can share technology related news, updates and info. If you share other niche posts, then your post will not be approved, moreover you might be banned.

#6 Many Facebook Friends & Followers

While you might be limited in terms of Facebook Friends that you can have per profile [Facebook allows only 5,000 friends per profile], there is no limit on Followers that you have on your profile. While many might not be that famous to have 5,000 friends, but every-time you get popular in your niche, you grow your audience. The stage is not set in one day, one month or in a year, it will take time to grow your audience. Currently on my Facebook I have around 1300 followers. You can follow me on Facebook at

#7 Promoting

Promotion is the best thing. It's the time to promote your post on relative Facebook Groups. Yes, Facebook groups can get you targeted traffic if you share in proper group. For example if you have tech related news, then you can share it on Tech News Group, if its cooking related then I suggest to go niche based groups and get the maximum exposure. Just make sure of one things - don't SPAM.

By ensure above tips, you are bound to get more Facebook likes than usually you do. I myself has done this a lot of time and the next target is to get first 100 likes within a hour or two or get first 500 likes within couple of hours. All the best to you and Follow me on Facebook, subscribe to our website for free email updates.