9 Reasons Why I Say JetPack is The Best WordPress Plugin Ever

Best WordPress Plugin Ever: There are around 45,365 WordPress plugins out there in the WordPress repository. Less than 1% of them are unique and other serves the same purpose. Looking at that number, choosing the right plugin might need you an expert advice. And that's why last week I listed 51 Best & the Most Essential WordPress plugins. When I just started with YogeshKhetani blog, I wondered why JetPack comes pre-installed with WordPress, and I used to directly delete the plugin. When I moved back to Genesis framework after experimenting on several cheap WordPress themes, I happen to somehow come across usefulness of JetPack by WordPress. I am talking about those early days of JetPack plugin when it was born. But today, according to me JetPack is the best WordPress plugin ever. Why I said that - checkout few reasons which made me to conclude. The choice was not easy because I needed to choose just one.

WordPress self-hosted blogs are quite different from WordPress.com free blogs. While the functions on self-hosted WP blogs are limited to what users opt-in, WordPress.com is packed with powerful features, almost same as that of Blogger (free Blogging platform by Google). The WordPress plugins ease the hard work of coding for you. I am a non-coding expert (like me, yes, I am bad a coding) now has a website like this one.

With every plugin that you add to your site, it increases load on your site and also count towards total requests on a page. Expert WordPress bloggers always suggests to use little to less WordPress plugins on your site. Even I recommend you to delete plugins that you rarely use. If a plugin servers multiple purpose then it's quite useful and talking about multiple functions in one plugin, JetPack is the plugin that does the job of almost all the basic needed plugins that you currently require on WordPress.

For me, the JetPack by WordPress is Mother of All WordPress Plugins.

Listed here are the 9 reasons why I love the JetPack by WordPress.com plugin -

JetPack All-in-One Functionality

JetPack plugin combines functionality of many plugins and so it can be called as one plugin for all purposes. As soon as I installed JetPack, I removed, CommentLuv plugin, related post plugin, any post sharing plugin, XML sitemap plugin, Contact Form plugin and any exclusive mobile theme plugin. This reduced further clutter on my blog and I was left with only few plugins to deal with.

#1 Monitor Site Down Time

We are human and we can't always check when our website is down or not. Instead of manually checking through several website monitoring tool, I liked the way in which JetPack monitors any blog. The plugin always checks whether your site is up or not. Even it sends me notification via email when my site goes down.

Here is one email of the screenshot that I received -

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#2 Easy Auto Publish & Sharing on Social Sites

Neil Patel in a recent blog archive stated that 'Social is the new SEO', although nothing new to us as everyone know that Google SEO algorithm has changed a lot in recent time. So I might needn't explain you how important is Social media promotion now. For any tech blogger who continuously write about latest smartphones, tablet PC launches, it's hard to share content manually on social media sites.

Ever since I came across JetPack Plugin, it made my work too easy as it automatically share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Path, Tumblr.Using this module, you can auto publish post on -

  • On your Facebook Fan Page
  • On your Facebook Profile
  • On Your Twitter handle
  • Auto publish to Tumblr
  • Auto publish to Path
  • Auto share to Google+ Page
  • Auto Share to your profile on Google+
  • Auto share post on to your LinkedIn Profile

Just connect to services available and you are ready to automate social sharing.

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Furthermore it allows you to add your own sharing button but I haven't tried it!

#3 Efficient Social Sharing Buttons

JetPack Sharing isn't only met to for social media promotion as it's also the place where you add easy social sharing buttons at the end of the post. With JetPack Sharing buttons you can integrate Twitter, Google+, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, Print, Email, Pocket, Tumblr, LinkedIn sharing buttons with control over button style from Icon + Text, Icon only, Text Only and official buttons. Furthermore, you have control on where to show those buttons.

#4 Easy Related Posts

Showing up related posts just after social sharing button is one of the way to keep visitor on your blog. Since your reader are genuinely looking for content relating to what they have searched for, related post might help them gain more knowledge about particular topic or keyword.

With JetPack, you can easily show up related posts under each single post on your WordPress blog. With that you will no longer need to use any related post plugins or any other related post services.

It serves alternative to -

#5 Mobile Theme

With mobile phone transforming into smartphone, your site should be mobile friendly. Several WordPress themes are responsive but if you don't have one such responsive WordPress theme, then JetPack has the solution for it as well. Hit Mobile Theme Activate and you are ready to rock.I have this function enabled on few of my blogs which is rich in front-end customization. It makes homepage size much bigger and in order to retain the mobile visitors, I have mobile theme functionality turned ON.

#6 Blog Subscription

For one or the other reason I don't prefer Google Feedburner, I have opted for JetPack blog subscription. As soon as I publish as new article, readers of my blog will get notification via eMail. This is quite a useful functionality to stay ahead of all the readers and get the news first.

#8 Spelling & Grammar Check

Even though human made computers, computers can let us know of those small grammar spelling errors automatically. JetPack integrates After the Deadline plugin as a proofreading service. Previously I had this plugin separately installed but now it comes within JetPack services.Once you activate the Spelling & Grammar module, you will get the following options under Users > Profile -

  • Proof reading when post/page is published
  • Proof read when post or page is updated

Not only that you can ignore certain words while proof reading and a decent number of settings, so that user don't have to look out for any other alternative plugin.

#9 Blog Commenting System

Using JetPack Comments you can easily integrate social logins via Twitter, WordPress and Facebook for easy commenting on your site.

I love the number 9, I will stop there. I could have extended the post by listing all the JetPack modules but I don't wanted to do that and I listed on those features which are too good in my view.

Other features of JetPack are –

  • VideoPress: Allows you to upload videos on your site.
  • Infinite Scroll: Automatically shows up the next article when you reach the end of a particular article.
  • JSON API: Allows apps to securely access your content through cloud.
  • Photon: CDN has been impressive, with JetPack Photon your site will load images faster.
  • ShortCodes Embeds: Allows you to easily embed videos/slide from YouTube, SlideShare.
  • Contact Form: Allows you to easily integrate Contact Form anywhere you want.
  • VaultPress: Although premium plugin but JetPack does have option to show it up.
  • XML Sitemap: Easily create search engine readable XML sitemap.
  • Site Verification: Get Pinterest, Google Search Console and Bing webmasters verification done easily.
  • Easily add custom CSS and Javascript

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So what's your say on JetPack by WordPress plugin? What are the reasons that made you download JetPack, the best WordPress plugin ever?

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