How to Submit Your Website to Baidu Search Engine

This guide explains how to submit your website to Baidu Search Engine for free and reach Chinese audience.

As a blogger, do you love Search Engine traffic? It's vital for each wonderful website stats out there. Our website has 70% of traffic from Google Search and I know that it can be increased if we get traffic from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. A complete list of the search engine is provided on Wikipedia which lists out search engines by various categories but at the same time take a look at top 10 search engines.

Baidu is the famous Search Engine in China and it's almost equal to Google. As the controversy of Google and China continues Baidu leads its way in this part of the world.

You should remember that there are 1.5 billion people in China those and 531 million people users Baidu making them second largest search engine in the world. So why explore and make the best of it.

Submit Website to Baidu

So that was all about praising Baidu, the Search Engine. Bloggers out there will be looking to showcase their site wherever possible and you should know that Google is not only the search engine, there are hundreds and many more. Getting indexed various Search Engine has a great number of advantages. With a link or index pages in Baidu, you can gain backlinks and reach a higher audience.

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Here is the procedure to submit your Site to Baidu Search Engine.

  1. Reach the Submit Page of Baidu Search Engine [LINK].
  2. Now provide your Site or Blog link, enter the captcha and click on Submit.
  3. This will ask for Baidu account login. Considering that you are not registered, you should register now.
  4. Complete the registration and you are good to go.
  5. You will get this message on the Screen which means that your blog/site is submitted for consideration.

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Your Baidu search engine submission will increase your site visibility and reach new customers. Don't miss out this opportunity.

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