EMI on Domain Purchase | What to Know about Domain EMI Finance

For small domains, you can pay easily but for buying premium domains you might need EMI on Domain purchase.

You might have definitely heard the term EMI. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installments and through this, you can easily buy costly items and pay in monthly installments. The rate of interest varies from product to product and company to company. There are several companies that offer 0% finance EMI and it's called No Cost EMI which means that you can buy products at no additional interest rate or processing fee or down payment. It actually means that you incur no additional cost on the product that you purchase. But ever you heard company offering EMI on Domain Purchase?

What is shocking for you?

Am I joking?

What to know about Domain EMI finance!

EMI on Domain Name Purchase

Today I was just going through one of the old domains and looking at whether it's available or not. I was surprised to see that my old domain is available for $2900 and also available for EMI purchase. That was the thing that attracted me and that was the thing that leads me to write this article.

So in this article, I will go through the guide on Domain EMI, which offers finance on domain names and things to know before making such a deal.

Are Domains available for purchase on EMI?

Yes, they are available from several domain retailers and top-sellers like NameCheap, GoDaddy & DomainSilo.

What is Domain EMI?

Generally, a domain costs anything from $1 to $100 depending upon the domain extension and registrar. You can pay that amount easily. But EMI in such cases comes in pictures when you are looking to buy premium and established domains or websites. Even the 4 letters or 5 letters domain names are famous like bakery.com, cakes.com or pastry.com or banana.com or apple.com. These domains can cost anything from thousands to million of dollars.

With EMI on Domain name, you can easily pay for costly domain names or premium domain names easily over a fixed period of time on finance.

If you don't want to buy a domain name with an upfront payment, then some domain sellers can help you to finance the domain purchase.

HugeDomains.com one of the premium domain sellers provides finance on domain purchases.

How it Works

When you buy a domain it will be transferred to your own account with registrar NameBright.com. It will be registrar-lock until the full payment is made through EMI. It's just like a car on insurance.

What Happens if I miss out on an EMI?

If you miss out on any of the payment plans, then the domain stops working and will take you to a page where it shows you need to make a payment. Once the payment is done, the lock will be removed.

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So, that was everything to know about Domain EMI or Domain on Finance.

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EMI on Domain Purchase | What to Know about Domain EMI Finance
In this article go through a guide on Domain EMI, who offers finance on domain name and things to know before making such a deal.
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