How to Get Free Stock Photos Online – Professional Photos For Blogs

Guide on how to get Free Stock photos for professional photos for blogs and websites.

In my last article on How to Get Your Website Online, I used some stock photos to make the blog post look professional. At the end of the post, I was happy to see those lovely images available. So where did I get those from? Did I pay for it? This article will answer your questions on how to get free stock photos as a way to get professional photos for blogs/websites.

Free Stock Photos Sites:

Here is what you should know about stock photos -

What are Stock Photos?

Stock photos have been there for years and you might have seen ImagesBazaar ads. They have the largest collection of Indian images, photos, and pictures on the web. However, if you want to use ImagesBazaar photos you will have to pay for it. So how will you get stock photos?

Generally, stock photos are professionally taken photos that are available for use at particular pricing. Based on the requirements furnished by the photo owner, you can use them commercially on your site. They are good for business websites that need professional looks but for bloggers, it will be a costlier option. No doubt that they look good but for your fellow mates, you can try out various free stock photo services to get those professional photos for free.

How to get Free Stock Images

Recently I did a bit of research on it and I found and Pixabay websites. FreeImages website description itself reads 'leading source of free stock photos' but although it lists out premium results ahead of free stock photos. Still, serves as the best source of getting free stock photos for your blog. I am currently using it for my blog and they have more than 4,10,000 photos online.

20 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

Not just and Pixabay, but a number of sites have come up with a decent collection of stock photos. To get free stock images, you have the following sites available, the complete list is provided in the below list but let us first go through do's and don'ts while using royalty-free stock photos.

Royalty-Free Photos - Do's & Don'ts

You can use free stock photos for –

  • For Multimedia presentations
  • Broadcasting films and videos
  • As mobile photos
  • Digital formats on websites
  • To the decorated home, office, or public places
  • As a promotional material

You may not use Free Stock photos for –

  • Unlawful or immoral purposes like pornographic, hateful discrimination or to defame people/societies or culture.
  • Endorse products
  • Bad name to free images or person
  • Selling and redistribution of images

So here are the 20 Best free stock photos, providers -


PixaBay has turned out to be a great source for downloading free stock images. There are a large number of high-quality images, 460,000 current number of free commercial use images. This is the service where I get many professional photos for my blogs like Technos Amigos and Advices Academy.

Apart from professional photos, they also offer free stock videos and vectors for download and use anywhere.

Registrations are free but even if you are not registered you can download any photo of your choice by solving the captcha. There is no limit on photos that you can download per day.

They even have Google Play and iPhone app to make all those photos available on your smartphone and tablet as well.


  • Photos are compressed and optimized for faster loading on mobile devices
  • 90% of photos don't require attribution

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For my blog Technos Amigos, I found a large collection of beautiful photos at Pexels. They have a stunning collection of beautiful photos.

Check it out by yourself by visiting


  • Quick, fast browsing through search results
  • Photos are compressed and optimized for faster loading on mobile devices

will first need to have a free account created at and then follow the instructions mentioned below -

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  • From the search bar type a keyword and hit Search.
  • Look out for the results and hit the Download button.
  • Read subject to availability and use photos according to FreeImages Standard restrictions.

Read more about availability at FreeImages.

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Free Stock Photos Sites List

The following are the sites that provide stock photos for free download -

  2. Unsplash
  3. SuperFamous
  4. PicJumbo
  5. AllthefreeStock
  6. NegativeSpace
  7. Stokpic
  8. Kaboompics
  9. StartupStockPhotos
  10. Freerange
  11. Libreshot
  12. FancyCrave
  13. Unsplash
  14. SplitShare
  15. LifeofPix
  16. Gratisography
  17. Jay Mantri
  18. ISO Republic
  19. New Old Stock

Which one do I use the most?

I know that question coming from your end because I would have asked the same as any fellow blogger. Pexels has the best quality of photos but only limited photos to choose from for a niche that you are searching for. In the end, if I don't find any photo of Pexels, I land up on Pixabay.

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Final Words:

Clearly, Pexels and Pixabay dominate the list when it comes to free stock image sites. Which one is your personal favorite?

Are any other services are you using for free stock photos? Do let us know via the comment below.

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