How to Know When Your Site is Down

It hurts when your site goes down. Check out how to get notified when site goes down so that you can make it online again.

Every blogger tries to ensure that his/her site is always up and running. While hosting providers guarantees 99.9% uptime, literally means your site will not go down but practically it depends on the type of hosting that you are choosing. Dedicated and VPS hosting will have almost zero downtime for your site but with shared hosting, you will have trouble all the time. For example, in my early article of an issue with Hostgator, in the last paragraph, I mentioned about website downtime with HostGator.

Nobody likes downtime. But before fixing downtime, you should analyze what is the actual cause of the issue. There are many reasons why your site might isn't up and running. Some of them are mentioned below -

  • Bandwidth limit reached
  • Downtime due to server upgrade
  • Part of servers been hacked
  • Unable to go live due to Plugin issue
  • Unable to go live due to wrong coding
  • DNS problem
  • Other coding, encryption, connection errors

All these will lead to downtime of your site which is not a good thing. You should always ensure that you have little or less downtime, everytime. If your site is down you can go to and check it out.

Method 2: Automatic Email Updates When Site is Down

We are humans and we cannot continuously site infront of PC checking for downtime or uptime. This is where we need a machine [general term] to let us know when our site is down.

We are using Jetpack by Plugin for which we already told you that it's one of the essential WordPress Plugin that everyone should install if based on WordPress platform. We have also gone through 9 features that makes JetPack the best plugin ever.

Now JetPack plugin has a different module and one of them is the Monitor Module which when activated gives you a notification directly to your email when the site goes down. Interestingly it also sends you an email when the site goes up online again, letting you to know how many minutes/hours your site was down. That's a great thing.

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Here is how to turn on website downtime notification to your email ID -

  • Login to your WordPress site and go to Admin area.
  • From Plugins install the JetPack by plugin.
  • Once it's installed and activated, the plugin Setting is located just below Dashboard.
  • Hit that and go to JetPack Settings.
  • Once you are through that go to Monitor Module and click on Activate.
  • Once you do that, you will have Configure option.
  • Now provide your email ID to activate email notifications.
  • Now click on 'Save Changes'.

Now once you do that setting, you will receive an email like this one, every time when your site goes down and when it goes online.

What is the other method through which you get notified when your site is down? Do let us know via comment below.

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How to Know When Your Site is Down
It hurts when your site goes down. Check out how to get notified when site goes down so that you can make it online again.
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