Bloggers Stop Promoting HostGator as #1 Host - HostGator Support Sucks

Without further expanding the introduction paragraph, I would say HostGator Support sucks and I insists tech bloggers who do web hosting reviews or recommends HostGator as the best hosting provider. It's time to wake and considers lot alternatives because a lot of them do exists which provides far better services.

Before I start reasons why you shouldn't promote HostGator, I would like to explain what services I used on HostGator previously. I have two Aluminum Reseller packs and one Baby Shared hosting plan on HostGator investing $720 per year.

HostGator Live Chat Support

One of the main reasons I choose HostGator three years back, is because of live chat support. Two to three years back, HostGator live chat offered excellent support but it takes nothing less than an hour to get in touch with a live chat support person.

My Reason for Contacting HostGator Support - I wanted to change my Primary domain on one of the reseller packs as I was moving to SiteGround for hosting.

This is what happened -

Yesterday night I quickly went on for a live chat and the screen showed up with 30 minutes waiting time. I was shocked! I waited for nearly 35 minutes but the minute counter never went down. It still showed 30 minutes. I closed the chat session, submitted a ticket, and tried chat support the next day morning(IST). During IST 8 PM to 6 PM there is high time for support on HostGator as it's a day in the United States, Canada.

Still, the same thing happened as the Estimated waiting time of 30 minutes was gone, then the text got disappeared and only showed 'Thank you for verifying your account.'

I had to wait for yet another 30 minutes to get the live support and I thought my problem will be solved now. But to my surprise, live chat person William continuously said to be that your Ticket was in the queue and it will be replied to by admin, not by me. So still I had to wait for 12 hours to get my work done.

HostGator Ticket Support

When Live chat support was unable to connect, I left a ticket so that they can get support via email and by the time I woke up the next day, my primary domain should have been changed. But the next day morning I was surprised to see nothing has moved an inch.

The support isn't only the reason why I am betraying Hostgator, but there is something more to consider.

1. Restricted Access

Twice my site went down on April 16 and April 22 because it was causing high loading issues on the server [Ticket ID OAG-27841781 and JFJ-27961609 for HostGator reference]. The issue was on one of my sites on reseller pack and it was a WordPress blog with 20-30 posts. The problem with restricted access is not only by me but also our co-bloggers have complained about the same in 2013 and the same thing continues in 2014 as well.

2. Website Down Time

Although HostGator considers that it has 99.9% up-time, there were instances wherein a few of my blogs went down for atleast 3-5 minutes once or twice a day. Since I use Jetpack for WordPress, the Monitor module sends me emails when my site goes down and when it is back online, I get emails when the site goes up and goes down.

It is definitely not that great, but from what I have seen many claims that it is. According to, a review site for hosting providers, HostGator has a three-star rating and that is something I can get behind.

Are you among the customers who are unhappy with HostGator? Do drop it a comment and let us know what actually happened.

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