How to Schedule a Blog Post in Blogger

Planning out for a holiday trip or tour of few days or wanted take few days off from blogging work? What would happen to your blog visitors if you don’t post anything in your blog in that period? First they will miss you and later ignorance comes into picture. So what can you do for a blogger blogs? I would suggest schedule your posts in blogger. This is Yogesh Khetani and after going through process on how to create free blogs, here comes one advanced guide on Blogging.

How to Schedule a Post on Blogger

You can plan accordingly and make your work ready in advance. Obviously I wouldn’t like to loose my visitor and will work out accordingly that I will schedule my posts in advance.

Just like scheduling blog post in WordPress you can schedule post in Blogger as well. If you set a post’s date into the future, Blogger will wait to publish until that time comes. When the date and time of the post arrives, it will be automatically get published and rest follow just as your normal day schedule.

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Schedule Post in Blogger

Follow the process mentioned below to schedule a post in Blogger -

  • Open and login with your Google credentials.
  • Open Create a New post under the respective blog.
  • Write your content and the post title with images and then under Post Settings, select Schedule.
  • From Automatic, change the setting to Set Data and time, opening you the current month date with time. Select your date and time and hit Done.
  • You will see that post is schedule now on the given time but you need to still hit Publish button as things are not yet 100% done.
  • Successful confirmation is done when you are automatically reverted back to your blog post area.

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So, now you have scheduled your blog post. You can have unlimited posts in scheduling if you want. Finally done with scheduling? Enjoy your holidays.

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