How to Get Your Free Website Online

Free Website Online: People love things which are free and this is why many software comes with free 30 days trial period through which buyers gets time to choose what's included in it. After going through my guide on how to setup your own website costing Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per year, there is a free alternative as well. The free website online is suitable for people who want to get online without any investment. Below guide explains how to get your own free website online.

Free Website Online is the service where you can set up your own blog. Brought by Google in 2003 from Pyra Labs, is a web-blog-publishing platform where people can share photos, pictures and everything that they like.

All blogs are with subdomain included in all URLs. That means your website will look like In this example, I am going to create a new blog named

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Creating a Blogspot Blog

  • Open and complete your signup using Google Account.
  • Once through Blogger dashboard, click on New Blog to create a new blog.
  • Now provide Title and the desired URL followed with Blogspot subdomain already included. You can also select any of the existing themes right now and later you can modify it.
  • That's it! Your blog is now created and you are ready to post, customize it but with limitations.

So that was just a minute process of creating your blog. It's the time you start writing posts and customizing it.

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Managing Blogspot Blog

To change layout you should hit the wretched icon on your blog and select Layout option. Now from there you can edit your sidebar, add gadgets, change favicon and lot more relating to blog layout.

You can change themes by selecting Template.

You can adjust other blog settings by going through Settings.

That's an easy way to manage blogs, all in simple English and doesn't require any technical knowledge.

That's it for now and in the next article, we will be going through Advanced tips and tricks.

And if you have any doubts, comments are always open.

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