How to Unlock Password Protected Excel Sheet

Password protection is for the security of the owner that it shouldn’t get into hands on wrong person. Yeah sometimes it can be useful if many people operates your PC but did you know that those excel sheet can be easily cracked or unlocked!

You might also need to unlock if you have forget the password during the process of protecting the sheet. Mentioned here are the several ways in which you can unlock and bypass the password for your Excel file -

Upload Files to Google Docs

By uploading the password protected Excel file to Google Drive you will easily bypass the password requirement and can get the access to data in your sheet. The data present in your sheet will be little misaligned in Spreadsheet but full data will come up. The trick is here to open Excel file via compatible Google Drive option, i.e., Spreadsheet.

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Upload files to Zoho Sheet

Just like Google Docs, Zoho sheet works in the same manner. The process to unlock is very simple, just upload the file, download it again with a different file name and you are done.

Upload Files to Ensode Unlock Utility

Ensode is a tool to bypass the password requirement for PDF files, it can also be used to bypass password for excel sheet also.

Just visit their homepage, upload the file and click on I accept the terms and conditions, will do it for you. Ensode can also work as the source to unlock PDF files online.

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Upload Files in GMail

Another easy option is to upload the file in GMail as attachment and send it to your other ID. Now in send mails check for attachment, you would get the options of ‘Open in Google Docs’ via Google Docs Gadget Preview, this will automatically crack your password protected excel sheet and it will saved in Google Docs automatically.