How to Share Files & Folder on Dropbox with Teammates

Dropbox is an amazing online cloud file management and sharing services which allow you to collaborate your work with other users simultaneously. With a free users registration you get 2 GB of space and if you want more refer your friends and with each of your friends joining you will get an extra 250 MB every time.

Share Files on Dropbox

Many find Dropbox as online file storing and backup services, but you must be finding interesting that you can share folders inside your Dropbox with other Dropbox users.

What more interesting is that after they accept your invite you both can work simultaneously on shared documents and the edits are reflected on the other personal computer automatically.

You can share files or folder in Dropbox. Following here is the procedure on how to share files in Dropbox –

  1. Open your Dropbox Folder on your computer or the web portal by going through
  2. Select the folder, right-click on it and then hover over ‘Share’ and select Invite People to Collaborate.
  3. Type the email ID of the contact to whom you want to share the Folder. Dropbox Shared Files
  4. Give the permission - Can View or Can Edit.
  5. Now hit Share Folder.
  6. The collaborator will receive the notification about the folder that you have shared with him/her.

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Verify Dropbox File Sharing

  • Now open the Dropbox Folder again and check the settings in the folder whether they it’s shared or not. If it’s shared the icon of it will change it from normal folder to a ‘Group’ on it.
  • Now every edit in the shared folder would be reflected the other users.

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