How to Fix No Keywords Issue on Yoast SEO Plugin

Keywords are a core element of SEO strategy for any blog and if you are not using them, then you are missing a whole lot of things. Yesterday I landed on CheckMoz tool to check the Domain Authority of my wife Preethi Khetani's new blog called Smart Lady Life and I was shocked to see no site keywords were provided. I verified it via other tools and found now site keywords were provided to no longer hold that domain now).

I got into this case and I was able to figure out and fix this major issue of no homepage keywords.

The Story Behind No Site Keywords

She recently enabled the SEO Yoast plugin and I just asked her to follow any of the Yoast SEO setup guides and so did she follow the best advice provided by Google Search.

She landed on Syed Balkhi's WPbegineer website and the editor has asked to leave the Other tab untouched. That means default Yoast SEO settings are applied and here is the screenshot -

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Now, as you see by default in the Other tab, I have the meta keyword tag disabled. Furthermore, the description just below it says -

I don't know why you'd want to use meta keywords, but if you want to, enable this.

Reading that suggestion, no one will enable that setting and so did my wife. I wasn't aware of it and yesterday randomly when checking out the site's progress, I spotted that no keywords were set.

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Follow the tweak mentioned below -

  • Open the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Navigate to Titles and Metas.
  • Click on Other and enable the use keyword tags.
  • Click on the blue Save Changes button and then navigate to the Homepage tab.
  • Now enter your targeted keywords.
  • Finally, click on Save Changes to apply your new settings.

In most cases, you will get the screenshot as mentioned above. But if you just see something like this -

Then click on Editing the front page itself and you will be landed on your site's homepage.

Now that's like the SEO Yoast snippet that you see on any post and page.

Provide the necessary SEO title, SEO description, focus keyword, and meta keywords for your site. Before setting the keywords, I recommend you to study extensively because the wrong keywords may damage your site.

Finally, Update the page.

Now your site homepage has keywords.

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