How to Disable Google Plus ReShares, Comments on Any Post

Google+, Twitter and Facebook are widely used social networks to stay connected with your friends, colleagues and followers. This article will guide you on how to disable Google Plus Reshares and Google+ comments on a particular post.

Disable Google Plus ReShares

For most of the reasons you will not need this option but I thought of sharing with you for your knowledge. However this option might be needed when you don't want rubbish comments on Google+ post.

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Follow the guide here to do it but before that please Add to Circle or Follow me on Google+ -

  • Type the content that you want to share on your profile.
  • In the To: section you will have to click on the small drop-down box.
  • You will see the option of Disable Comments or Disable Reshares.
  • When you select any option you will see what it will do
  • Finally hit Share option when you are done with your G+ post.

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That was quite easy and simple!

Update: Google+ has been discontinued by Google.

This Content was last modified on June 11, 2022 11:05 AM