How I Generated $130 Last Month From Affiliate Marketing Without Doing Anything

This article is how I add atleast $130 a month from Affiliate marketing without doing anything [Just by placing a Javascript]. Do you want to earn without affiliate marketing? Here is how.

I am a Blogger and my main source of income until now was Google AdSense and few other Cost Per Click sites like Propeller. I write around 5-8 articles per day on and there are a lot of blogs left behind for me to cover up. While AdSense is doing great wonders for me [checkout my recent writing on how I earn $3000+ a month from Google AdSense], I just wanted to do something different last month. I tried out VigLink which auto links content on your blog to make them affiliate link. Now that's the basic thing you need to know. The rest is like any other ad network - divide commission and pay the share to publishers monthly wise.

VigLink Earning Screenshot - February 2016 [29 Days Earning]
Normally I don't share monthly total earning screenshot like any other Blogger does. It has its own consequences - maybe you are sending an open invitation to hackers. I am happy with my earning. But this surprise experiment I want to let you know of fact that affiliate marketing is really made easy, thanks to In-text ad networks like VigLink, Skimlinks, and CueLinks that has made this change possible. So what is VigLink? We will be learning about it here.

Why is VigLink Recommended?

As an independent blogger, you have to manage from A to Z of your site. I am talking about keyword research, website issues, marketing, content creation, handling the optimization part and lot of other things. It's hard to keep up pace with all those things. Certain things you need to automate and one of the big thing you can do on your blog is to place the VigLink Javascript code. I hope you are doing it right away.

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From past couple of years, I am using VigLink but never cared to integrate on all of my blogs or optimize it. Last month I integrated on my primary blogs -, , Best Home Advices and few others in the first week and I was able to see the income growing from those affiliates. At the end, I generated $125 by simply placing a JavaScript on my blog. Now atleast that has covered my Office expenses for a month. Thanks to VigLink. 😎

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My VigLink February 2016 Stats

With gross sales of $619 affiliate, I was able to generate affiliate commission of $125 in February 2016 itself. That's like 20% commission from the original product price. Wow! Isn't that amazing! While Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon provides a maximum of 10-15% on products [rarely 20% on offer days], I would rank them higher than those eCommerce affiliate programs.

Here are commission and sales break up via different merchant -

Amazon Marketplace itself brought me $104 income with EPC of $0.05. Amazon US and eBay UK have EPC of $0.07 but they fetched less income overall.

What's up for March 2016

Atleast this month my target is to get $100 mark again. Not a great income to solely depend on it but along with AdSense and affiliate commissions, that definitely an add-on for me.

Update on April 4, 2016: I achieved $100 in total for the March 2016 as well.

What's Working For Me?

Surely the income earning by placing just one JavaScript definitely worked like charm. But for you to work, you should make sure of the following -

  • Content Quality: What matters the most is the content. Every blogger right from the day 1 will suggest getting quality content because "Content is King", it's the king to get traffic, it's the king to get sales and it's king to everything else on your site.
  • Traffic is the King Again: Have a good traffic on your blog. Yes, without traffic there is nothing.
  • The quality of Traffic: Traffic matters but what matters the most is that you have genuine readers coming from Search Engine. If you have direct traffic or traffic via any other means then you will definitely see impressions but nothing from the point of earning. I placed the ad code on,, where it always mentions the name of smartphone since it's a tech blog and it VigLink auto linked them to affiliate links. Again on those sites, I have around 70% of traffic from Google Search Engine which means people looking for quality.

There were a couple of things which I did to get the income up to this level from VigLink and in the next article, I will be sharing VigLink optimizations tips. If you are not a member of VigLink then please do join the program using my Referral Link below. I will consider that as a cup of coffee from your end. 😎 And as a bonus you will receive personal VigLink Optimization tips from my side for free. So what are you waiting for? Just email me and I will be ready to help you.

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How to Integrate VigLink on Your Site

  • First signup to VigLink using my affiliate link [that will help me].
  • Now login to your account and from Manage, click on Install.
  • Grab the code and paste it into your WordPress Widgets in the right side bar.
  • Go to Appearance > Widgets and paste it anywhere you like.

That's it. Simple and easy.

Check for Code Installation

Now check for the installation by inserting your link in the page where you have just copied the code. Just insert your URL and hit check.Hurray! has VigLink installed successfully.

Now your blog pages will be automatically optimized for auto affiliate links. Sit back and see money growing.

The reports of earning can be seen at Viglink website in the dashboard and final earning of the day is delayed by 3-4 days.

Last but not the least. Just for your inspiration I have shared this overall VigLink earning screenshot -

Join VigLink Right Now

If you have joined this network, then do let us know your view on it. Thanks!