How to Apply Google AdSense EU User Consent Settings to Your Site

The English Union User Consent Policy has come into the picture now and you must make certain disclosures to your visitors from the European Union in order to obtain their consent for the use of cookies and other data collected by websites.

Google AdSense has started sending out a notice to all the publishers about the latest EU ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as directed by the English Economic Area(EAA). It will help publishers to comply with Google's updated user consent policy.

Google AdSense EU User Consent Settings

Basically, the Google AdSense EU user consent settings ask you to select a preferred option. Which are:

  • Personalized Ads
  • Non Personalized Ads

So which one to choose and which one to not?

Let's discuss!

If you have visitors from the United Kingdom or any other European countries then you need to abide by EU consent laws. If you are going with it then click on Personalized Ads and Save Settings. This will require further actions by you to setup EU consent law notice on your site.

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If you don't want to display user cookies notification on your site then you can setup non-personalized ads.

You can learn more about personalised and non-personalised ads through Google help page here.

If you have selected personalised ads then you will have to show cookie consent on your blog.

Cookie Consent Plugins

The following two plugins works great. I have tried and test:

  1. Cookie Consent

Download it now

2. GDPR Cookie Consent

Download GDPR Cookie Consent WP plugin

Further, you should know that just adding the above Cookie consent plugin will not make your blog GDPR compliant. You will have to ensure that necessary configuration are in place or not.

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