Search for 'Google Submit URL' & Submit a Link in Google for Faster Indexing

Google Submit URL: In recent news, an update has been going on that allows users around the world to submit their URLs directly to Google search engines for faster indexing. By doing this, it can be a lot easier for the users to index the URL. By going through the search engine and typing the “Submit URL to Google”, you will be able to see the URL submission form. It will show you the customized version of the knowledge graph box at the top of Google’s SERP.

It can be the best practice to do for the perfect optimization of the web pages & links. By doing this, you can make sure that the content is interesting with a good amount of user interaction. It's the little thing that matters a lot for users when it comes to getting higher ranks on Google’s search results.

Easier for Webmasters & Specialists of SEO

This thing can be easier for the webmasters & specialists of SEO for indexing their websites.

Indexing is a way to store the websites on Google’s search engine which can be later shown up to the SERP. This will also increase the functionality & quality of content with the help of this public tool.

For the perfect delivery of results, the credibility of this update lies in simplicity & core functionality.

How to Submit A Link to Google for Faster Indexing

Just follow the process mentioned below -

  • In Google type 'Submit URL to Google' or 'Google Submit URL' or 'Submit URL to Search Engine' or even 'Google URL submit index' will do it.
  • You will now get the first result as what you desired. You can directly visit this page as well.
  • Submit your URL and confirm 'I'm not a robot' reCAPTCHA.
  • There will be no notification or intimation by Google whether the link is submitted or not. I hope they implement it very soon.

Public Submission Form

By giving this facility to users one can take good benefits of this thing for increasing the functionality of your website.

Google can now, give you a chance to submit the URL for the indexing purpose directly into the core of the search engine’s results page. The only thing here you need to do is to type “Submit a Link to Google” in your browser & then Google will display the narrow box at the top of the search results where you can be able to submit your URL to Google’s index.

It's just like a public URL submission form for directly placing the smart interactive answer to the search results.

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By taking the help of this tool, you can directly submit the URL of interest for indexing purposes in search engine giants. After the successful submission, your submitted URL will be reviewed by Google for whether or not to index the URL.

After the reviewing process is completed your URL will be shown in the search results of the Google search engine. But at the same time, it does not mean that the URL you have submitted for inclusion in the search engine index in Google will be surely included in the search index, or it will be shown in the rankings of their result pages.

Many factors matter when it comes to getting a higher ranking on Google’s search results and a website has to be qualified by those factors.

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You have to make sure that the website is the best when it comes to submitting the URL for indexing purposes.

So, that's how the new Google Submit URL feature works. Are you making use of it?

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