How to Create Poll on YouTube Video - YouTube Poll Cards

In this guide check out how to create a poll on YouTube video officially using YouTube Poll as cards.

After testing out Poll for annotations in beta, YouTube has finally released 'Youtube Poll' which can be added to YouTube videos as cards. Definitely, this move will help VBlogger to keep their user better engaged and I think its a great feature addition. Through polls anyone can vote on it and all the voting results are available to Youtuber.

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites and ever since Android came in, this app comes pre-installed on all the Android phones. There is no way you can uninstall this app because it's stock Android app. This is where Google has taken YouTube to next level and leave no room for other video sharing sites to compete.

Creating Poll on YouTube Video

With the newest addition, you can ask users to vote on polls. This is one of the features to keep engage your users on your YouTube Channel.

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The following text guide explains how to create a Poll using cards on a YouTube video -

  • First head to YouTube and log-in to your channel.
  • Go to Video Manager and then click on Videos.
  • Select the video and then click on the Cards.
  • First select the time when you want to appear this card from the timeline mentioned below the video.
  • Now click on Add Card.
  • Next click on Create option under Poll.
  • Now input the Poll question and also enter the Poll options.
  • When you are sure that your Poll is 100% perfect, click on Create Card.

All cards are automatically published instantaneously and it's the time to check it on your video.

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Note: All cards are auto-saved, so there is actually no option of Save in Cards.

Still unclear, please check out the video below -

Still having trouble? Just describe the actual problem below with screenshot if possible.

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