Yogesh Khetani - Brief History

Hello & welcome readers, to my YogeshKhetani.com. Many of you me know as Yogesh Patel. I started my online journey when I was studying B.Tech Final year by doing SEO works. After that moved to Yogeshpatel.info blog but eventually failed to make an impact as I was busy with my 9 to 5 job. Finally worked as content writer for AmitBhawani.com/blog and AndroidAdvices.com for almost three years but in pursuit of better life I quit the job in November 2012 and here I am with YogeshKhetani.com.

About YogeshKhetani.com Blog

Over these years, nothing was easy for me and money didn’t flourish as expected. With ups and downs in the past, I am expecting better results with this blog. The idea behind starting this blog is to redefine self-blogging and going through I will come up with unique articles which can really help not only bloggers but readers as well.

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Rather than making this blog as one direction input, I have enabled comments on this blog to make it advantageous to readers as well. And for those who are looking to connect with me, there are lot many ways you can say "Hi". Here are they –






And you will come to know lot about me from now.

Current Projects

I have been working on following projects -


Let's begin from where you are. Yogesh Khetani blog is focused more on blogging, Internet Marketing, SEM and SEO tips.


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