WordPress vs Blogger Comparison

Blogging is the new way to connect with like-minded people, share new ideas or express your views regarding any social, political issue as well as a favorite subject. With a blog, you can create a place where people can follow you as a writer and also share their views on the topic discussed in the blog. Your blog can also be a way of earning second income because; you can put advertisements or links to the related products or businesses at the end of your blog and earn money through these advertisements. It is necessary to choose a blogging platform from many platforms available on the internet, which is most suitable for you. WordPress and Blogger are two such blogging platforms, which are popular and you can choose one of them to start your blog. We can help you in choosing the correct blogging platform by comparing features of both the platforms.

Comparison between WordPress and Blogger

• Blogger is a blogging platform by Google and Google has the ownership of that platform, and you will have a free account on that platform. However, Google can stop the service or deny you the access to this platform at any point in time.

When you use WordPress, you are hosting your website and using a hosting provider service for the same. It means that you have complete control on your blog and you can decide the subject matter of your blog. It is your prerogative to decide when to shut the blog and data ownership is also yours.

• Blogger has limited features, and it means that you cannot add features to suit your needs as your blog gets increased publicity and following.

If you are using WordPress, get more features and more flexibility to add new features such as the creation of a portfolio, etc.

• If you are interested in writing a blog just for expressing your views and opinions and for connection with like-minded people, then Blogger is suitable for you.

However, if you want to earn money through blogging, then WordPress will be the best blogging platform for you because you can make your blog SEO friendly by adding links and plugins to your blog.

• Blogger provides you with some templates, which you can use to create a look for your blog. However, the number is limited, and they also have limited features. The modifications and changes allowed are just basic which does not allow the user much flexibility.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers more templates and themes for the users. The user can also make many changes and modifications to create a unique look for their blog.

• Porting your blog from Blogger to any other blogging platform is a tedious task, and you may lose your followers and ranking in the process. Secondly, your data will be visible on Google servers even after you moved your blog to another platform, at least for some time.

WordPress offers you more flexibility in porting process because you can port your blog to any other platform without any problem. Your data will be safe, and your SEO ranking will not get hampered.

• When you use Blogger, Google provides the security of your content and data because it is the owner of the blogging platform.

With WordPress, security of your data and content is your responsibility because you are the host of your blog.

• As far as support for the users of Blogger is concerned, we have to admit that due to basic features, the support available to a user is very limited.

WordPress offer better support to the users because of the presence of a large community of WordPress users. These experienced users can help you and provide support in any problem.

As you can see that there are pros and cons of both the blogging platforms, that is WordPress and Blogger, and it is up to you to choose the platform that is most suitable for you. You have to decide the purpose of your blog, target audience of your blog as well as the subject matter of your blog before you start looking for a suitable blogging platform. Only after making these decisions, you will be able to choose a blogging platform based on your requirements.

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