Display Ads - How to Implement it On Your Site is currently trying out Banner or display ads with selected partners.

Currently, I am not using knowing that it's the best AdSense alternative. One of the main reasons why tried and stopped using is that they don't have banner advertising on all the publishers' websites. RPM Too Low

We own Technos Amigos, Advices Academy, NewsNexa but none of our websites showed banner ads and this resulted in lower RPM i.e., lower Click Through Rates. Our overall RPM stood at $0.39.

Lower RPM or CPM rates is accounted for text ads. text ads were blended with the original content so perfectly that people rarely clicked on it. As a result of that, we have to give priority to other Cost Per Click Ads instead of and over the last few quarters we are barely reaching our minimum payout of $100 via Paypal. Banner Ads

A lot many times, I spoke to my account manager about display or banner advertising but they never cared about it. I was surprised to see an email from one of employee about Premium display advertising. The mail reads that they have opened up display inventory ads but on a limited and invite-only basis with some of the selected publishers.

I quickly submitted the form and soon the campaign will go live. I am very much excited to share Banner Ads results with you.

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