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Tribal Fusion Publisher Requirements for blog/website to get easy approval.

People who own a blog and are willing to generate great traffic for good income prefer Tribal Fusion, an excellent CPM ad network that can convert your website's traffic into income.

A lot of advertising companies do that but Tribal Fusion, formerly Exponential is the best when it comes to CPM ad networks.

Tribal Fusion Publisher Requirements:

Tribal Fusion requirements for bloggers

Your query on Google for 'tribal fusion site requirement' might give you several mixed results and make you confused.

The first few results say 5,000 views are enough but other results say you need 500,000 sessions per month. So which one is correct?

We are here to clear your problem.

Here is the list of publisher requirements 2022 by Tribal Fusion, a popular ad network -

Professionally designed blog

The blog should be designed professionally and efficiently in leaving a positive impact on visitors. This is the first requirement for publishers who are going to apply for the services of Tribal Fusion.

Active user base

The active user base is a must-have property for those who are willing to get the assistance of Tribal Fusion. This means the blog should not be dependent upon third-party social sites and search engines to generate traffic.

Despite bearing Google Penalty, the blog should be able to catch good traffic on it.

Minimum Number of unique visitors Required

One who is looking for the services of Tribal Fusion requires having about 500,000 unique visitors every month.

This qualification enhances the chances of a blog to get approval for ad services by Tribal Fusion.

If you have that many unique visitors you can apply for inclusion but that is also subjected to manual inclusion.

No illegal content

The blog which is going to apply for a favor of the ad network should not possess any illegal content or pirated material.

The inclusion of illegal content in the blog enhances the chance of disapproval.

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Regular updates

Next in the list of requirements to get qualified for the ad network is a regular update of high-quality content.

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Guarantee of survival in the world of blogging resides only upon the capacity of producing unique and high-quality content on a regular basis.


So, that was all about the Tribal Fusion Publisher requirements. For small publishers inclusion as Tribal Fusion, it's next to impossible. It's not even possible for growing sites and you should think of it when your site is on top of your niche.

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