Google AdSense Matched Content Review; Pros & Cons

Here on, we talk about Google AdSense Matched Content review.

Google Adsense Labs was launched on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, to find and test out experimental features. It's not available to all the Google AdSense publishers as Google in blog post clearly said that it's for eligible publishers. I was lucky enough to try out new Google AdSense List View Matched Content Ads and here is my take on it.

AdSense Matched Content Review

After launching Show fewer ads and Inline ads as the first two Labs, Google introduces the third Lab experiment, known as the ListView Matched Content Ads.

Much like Matched Content [a feature which is available for invited publishers], List View Matched Content offers an additional opportunity for publishers to make money from their blog. It's a content recommendation tool by Google. It doesn't count as an ad unit and it comes under Page Level Ads. Although Ad unit limit was removed by Google recently, still you got to ensure that you are not over-doing with ads, i.e., don't try to a make a 'made for AdSense' website.

What is List View Matched Content Ads?

For any website, user engagement is the top priority. Google has done their best by providing useful tips and tools to ensure that every AdSense Publisher keeps visitors busy on their site. The all new AdSense Matched Content List View Ads serve the purpose of engaging customers and increasing visitor duration. Here is what official description reads out -

Generate a list of recommended content for your visitors to explore as they reach the end of a page. This could create a more engaging experience that may lead to increased revenue and time on site. This feature is available for <Your Website Name>.

How to add List View Matched Content on WordPress Blog

This Google Lab feature is only available to invited AdSense publishers. If you are trying to find out a method on how to get list view Matched Content, then I am sorry because you can't request an invite for this feature to Google team. I got this invite through an email notification officially by Google, so check your mail [even the SPAM folder or the updates tab].

If you are a publisher with this feature enabled, then here is how to implement List view matched content on your site/blog. [Update: This feature is now available to all the users.]

If you are publisher with this feature available to you, then here is how to implement List view matched content on your site/blog -

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Click on Opportunities tab.
  • Select Labs from the left navigation.
  • Now switch on Lab(s) from the "Available Labs" section.
  • Copy the ad code and paste it in your website.

Note: It's the same ad code used for page level ads. So if you have page level ads already implemented on your site, you don't have to do anything except turning on this feature.

If you are still finding it hard to implement it, then follow the official guide here.


  • It's implementation decrease bounce rate on your site drastically
  • Increases user experience
  • Increased time on site [average session duration]
  • Increase page views
  • Increases page/sessions
  • May increase your revenue
  • Design to engage users
  • Optimized for mobiles
  • One of the best SEO practises 2019


A little effect on your pages load speed.

Try implementing now if you have got an invite to this feature. Believe me, this feature is worth a try. I have implemented this feature and will be sharing my experience very soon.

For a live example, please visit [Ad code removed]. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see Matched Content Ads - List View unit with Recommended For You as the Adblock heading.

My Conclusion

Adsense Matched Content Ads in List View is yet another great way to monetize your site and increase user engagement. This ad block neither disturbs readers nor your content.