Google Adsense Expandable Ads Implementation Guide

Here we discuss Google Adsense Expandable Ads implementation guide.

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Google Adsense Expandable Ads

Innovation is the method adopted by Google as the continues to grow with AdSense. Yes, Google AdSense is now 10 years old and since it's launch it has never looked back.

We all know what normal banner ads do, infact visitors now that those are Google Ads. Although banner ads are also rich-media ads, there was little that visitors click on your site.

The great thing about expandable ads is that it will only expand when a user has clicked on it and it will not go beyond site's layout, i.e., providing the best user experience.

The below video shows how expandable ads are visible to the normal visitors when implemented on your site -

You can read more regarding expandable ads on official Google support page.

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