How to Get Free Dropbox Cloud Storage Online of up to 18 GB | Dropbox Free Space Hack Tips

Dropbox Free Space Hack Tips: In this guide check out How to Get Free Dropbox Cloud Storage Online of up to 18 GB legally.

Everyone loves free stuff, isn't it? This is why cloud storage providers have free plans to attract customers. In comparison with all, Dropbox provides the best services and even the best free cloud storage space among all the providers. Google Drive gives you free storage of up to 15 GB but that gets divided into various Google services like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Free Dropbox Cloud Storage Online

With a free account at Dropbox, you get 2 GB of cloud storage for a lifetime. Do you know that you can increase it to get an additional 16 GB? So that becomes 2 GB + 16 GB = 18 GB of total Dropbox storage space.

Good about Dropbox is that it creates a special folder on your computer, the content of which is synchronized to Dropbox servers. If you have Dropbox installed on other computers, laptops, tablet PC or smartphones, it will be automatically synced across all devices. That is a great feature but 2 GB of storage space is very limiting. Are you stuck at just 2 GB?

Do you want to get more space with the Basic Dropbox account? I right have more than 21 GB of Dropbox space with the basic account.


So how did I get that? Is there any hack or crack? Are you missing something? Absolutely, you are just missing the chance to get free Dropbox storage.

Here is how you can earn an additional 16 GB of free cloud storage online on a Dropbox account. This is not a dropbox referral cheat or dropbox coupon code for extra storage, it's an official process through which you can earn extra cloud storage space for FREE.

Actually, the trick is pretty simple. You just have to signup for their referral program. Visit and invite your friends through email.

You can even grab your referral link or invite your Facebook Friends or directly invite Gmail contacts. Hurray! As soon as I refer to new members, I get a space of 500 MB per referral. Here is what Dropbox has to say whenever I refer a new person[free signup].


Free Dropbox Cloud Storage Tips

You should make sure of the following things -

  • Use your email address to receive your referral bonuses
  • Use your referral code to get extra free space
  • Complete the Dropbox questionnaire for an additional 890 MB
  • Use Dropbox Camera Upload for an additional 5 GB

I can't hold myself from receiving such official email notifications.

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So, that's how you can get up to 18 GB of Free Dropbox Cloud Storage Online.

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Dropbox Free Space Hack Tips: How to Get Free Dropbox Cloud Storage Online of up to 18 GB
Dropbox Free Space Hack Tips: In this guide at check out how to get free Dropbox cloud storage online of up to 18 GB legally.
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