3 Ways to Earn Maximum Income from Propeller Ads Media - Review

Propeller Ads Media Review: Propeller is one of the existing ad networks which has gained much popularity in the recent years and we did go through its review just a couple of days back. It's considered to be one of the best AdSense replacement and the ad network is not just limited to Cost Per Click but it has several methods to maximize publisher's earning. They offer Pop-under, Popup, CPA, CPC, CPM, Video Rolls commission types.

We have been pretty much satisfied with Propeller Ads Media earning and we have been using it for a year now. Every month we are making a good income from them, 60-70% of what we make from AdSense is generated by Propeller Ads although it's used for a secondary option to monetized our site. Check out Propeller Ads Review.

Are you using Propeller Ads Media but unsatisfied with their earning here are our few tips by following which you can increase your increase keeping the same amount of impressions -

Use Popups and PopUnders

Our earning from Propeller Media tripled as we enabled popups and popunders on our sites. The results were outstanding for us and I am sure it will be same for you. To enable popups ads on your site, you just need to create a new channel and select type of advertising as Popunder.

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Use Mobile Dialog Ads/Push Up

You need to understand your traffic. Since most of the people have a smartphone, most of the traffic might be coming from mobile devices. If you have such traffic, then consider adding Propeller Media mobile ads (Dialog ads/Push up). With this ads, your visitors will see a popup ad-like(image below) this and it guarantees a good eCPM rate.

Use Large Size Banner Ads

Normal banner size ads (468x60, 320x50, 300x250) have lower Click Through Ratio (CTR) and this is why using large size ads will certainly improve your CTR and increase your earning. Propeller Media supports 728x90, 800 x 440 and 800 x 600 pixels ads formats.

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Do share your results with us and ensure that you give atleast 7-12 days for the ads to yield perfect results for you.