Which CPM or CPC to Use for New Blog or Website

Over the past few years, it’s really hard to make your blog identified among hundreds and thousands in competition. So for those all you have read $10 eBooks to make quick money with mini sites, you might end up having no earning at the end. For a website to be identified among its niche, it can easily take a minimum of 6-8 months. Everyone wants to make money from Day 1 of their site but ad networks are not quick to approve your site since your site is quite new on the web.

So how you do make money from your blog? What CPC to use if Google AdSense has rejected to include you as publisher and what CPM is fruitful. We have put together of what we have experience on TechnosAmigos blog.

New Blog CPC Network Advices

While your blog is fairly new you can’t apply to top-tier CPM and CPC networks because their requirement is so high. So think of tier-1 CPM when your blog is in the list of top 10 sites for a particular niche. Ofcourse Google AdSense is the best CPC and I know you are very excited to be part as a publisher.

Google AdSense publisher acceptance terms in certain countries are very high as they require atleast 50 articles or 6 months domain age. Google itself says it’s not mandatory given in some exceptional cases.

So what Cost Per Click site you will use other than Google AdSense to make up initial revenue cost?

Listed here are few of those –


Chitika is generally the best CPC network you can monetize on your blog. Unlike AdSense, their minimum payout threshold is just $10 and this can be achieved very easily. They pay with NET30 payment terms.

Although the ads on your site will not be much targeted to consumer preferences, still they pay a good eCPM of $0.03 to $0.05. Again visitors from Canada, the United States are preferred.

For all publishers, they join them under Professional publisher program(silver level ads) and once your get earning of $500,000/year or more, you get dedicated account manager (gold level ads)along with custom integration codes.

Traffic Requirement: None
Payment Method: PayPal
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Terms: NET 30

Join Chitika Now


Media.net is yet another Pay Per Click advertising network to try out as it pays decent enough in comparison with AdSense. Decent enough because, there is actually no replacement to Google AdSense, which is the best PPC ad network.

Sign up to the network from the link above and see the guide on how to implement Media.net ads it.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Media is yet another ad network which is good for new bloggers. You can try it out and make sure that you use for 30 days in order to get proper results.


Yet another ad network with no traffic requirement and instant approval to all the publishers. They have come up with a fixed CPC rate for international traffic.

Traffic Requirement: None
Payment Method: PayPal
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Terms: NET 30

Best CPM Ad Network for New Bloggers

Check out the best CPM ad networks for new bloggers:


If you are confused on what works best on your site, try out Smowtion as it’s based on CPC and CPM. For publishers, it has no minimum traffic requirement and quickly approves publishers but minimum payout is set high at $100.

Traffic Requirement: None
Payment Method: PayPal
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Terms: NET 30


Adversal is one such CPM ad network which you should join

Join Adversal

Additional Tip: Implement VigLink

VigLink is one of the ad networks which automatically links to existing content on your site to top eCommerce portals and gives you a commission. Indirectly, you will automatically be part of various affiliate marketing programs and that's a good thing.

Using VigLink we have generated more than $130 a month and that's a decent earning. Isn't it?

Join VigLink

Check the VigLink Review. Implementation is simple, copy the Javascript code and place it on your site. Sit back and relax.

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