Best Image Compression WordPress Plugins - WordPress Image Optimization

Images with the higher resolution can drastically reduce the page load speed & decreases the website’s performance in terms of SEO. If you don’t want to waste your time & money on reducing the image size without degrading the quality, then this list of plug-ins can do the marvellous work for you. Let's see the list of some amazing plug-ins for your WordPress site.

SMUSH Image compression & optimization

If large image files are slowing down your site, then you can take the help of this super fantastic software for increasing the site’s performance. The WordPress plug-in SMUSH can meticulously scan each and every media file or media uploads in a convenient way with powerful image optimisation features.

This plug-in is 100 per cent free of cost & brought to you by the development team of WPMP. Here you can set the maximum width & height of any image with good scaling & compression options. All the heavy lifting work can be achieved by this software as it can reduce the size of the pictures without degrading the overall quality of your picture. It can let you compress any image in any directory for better optimisation.

SEO friendly images

This plug-in lets you edit or post all your images with the proper use of the ALT & title attributes so that you can boost your SEO. Even if your images are not ALT or title attributes ready then this will add them according to the options you choose or set. The Alt attribute has its own importance as it can correctly describe your picture to search engines & title attribute can automatically appear at the top of a tooltip when a user hovers over the particular image.

BJ Lazy Load

It can allow you to lazy load the selected images including the JPEG, JPG, post images, thumbnails, Gravatar images, I-Frames, GIF files with a better placeholder by replacing them. Skipping images with the classes & selecting a placeholder are the brilliant features of the BJ lazy load. In the responsive designs, this plug-in will automatically serve the scaled images, Hi-DPI images and Hi-DPI screens without any hesitation.

Short Pixel Image optimizer

Developed by a friendly team of experts, this free image optimisation plug-in for WordPress is easy to use, stable, comprehensive & faster in performance. With the help of this plug-in you can increase the SEO ranking, the number of visitors to your site through the effective image optimisation feature. Apart from image optimisation, this plug-in can offer you to optimise your PDF doc file present in the website as well. Short Pixel Image optimizer is lightweight in size & one can easily compress past images or documents with just a single click. Along with this all these things, your newly uploaded images will be optimised fully in the background. You can compress JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF image files without any hesitation.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

As the name suggests, this plug-in can compress all the JPEG & PNG images with full optimisation, better integration & popular services related to image compression from TinyJPG/TinyPNG. New images on the load will be automatically optimised along with the optimisation of the existing media library. By adjusting the width & height, you can resize the large images. You can preserve copyright information, metadata and GPS location in the original images. All the colour profiles will be translated automatically to your standard RGB colour format. With the mobile app, you can optimise & resize your uploads for a total saving of money & time, and there is no size limit of optimising your images.


You don’t have to feel scared by the Imsanity’s featured freaky image inside the repository of WordPress plug-in. It is free to use & can perfectly resize the images to a more sane size. The amazing feature of this plug-in is that it can set the maximum width, height & quality without user intervention. You can also convert the BMP files to the JPG file format for better accessibility.

The adaptive images for WordPress

Resizing & optimising the images delivered to mobile phone devices in a lenient, transparent & hustle free manner is the basic work of this tool. It can easily do this thing so that the overall download time of the file will reduce dramatically. This plug-in can act as a filter between your WordPress site & your device. Apart from that, it can work for all types of screen sizes in a mobile-friendly manner. This plug-in doesn’t allow your browser to forcefully render the images in case of smaller size, but it actually sends the smaller size images to them.

Imagify Image optimizer

If you want to speed up the site without losing the overall quality of your images, then this plug-in works best for you. It is the most advanced compression tool that can use the direct power of WordPress for better performance. You can automatically schedule the optimisation of your post images, thumbnails to WordPress. This is the bulk optimizer that can optimise all your existing pictures with just a single click. You can compress JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF image files without any hesitation.

The Kraken.IO image optimizer

This plug-in uses the lossless & intelligent image optimisation feature for multiple image compression at once. The files that are supported by this plug-in are JPEG, PNG, JPG, GIF (also the animated ones) with a maximum file size of 31MB. This plug-in will make sure that the result you get should be of better quality each & every time. Along with this thing all, your newly uploaded images will be optimised fully in the background.

The Optimus- WordPress image optimizer

It can reduce the size of the file uploaded to your media library automatically. With this plug-in, depending on the image size & format up to 70% reduction is possible without any hesitation. This can increase the performance of your blog or site by comfortably reducing the image size with the well-maintained quality of the final image. It can show you the image compression gain within your media library in a percentage format.

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