5 Best CPM Advertising Programs to Make Money from Your Blog

Here are 5 Best CPM Advertising Programs to Make Money from Your Blog.

Are you planning the monetization of your website’s footer with CPM ads? Well, it is possible if you have really good traffic on your website. You can earn good money from your blog by utilizing any of these CPM advertisement services. CPM advertisement is a kind of advertising program which pays you on the basis of per thousand impressions on the advertisement.

Best CPM Advertising Programs

Here is a list of the best CPM ad networks you would like to choose for earning good from your website -


Exponential works on the requirement of people who want good quality of CPM ads. Exponential works with its publishing partners with full transparency about generating revenue. A downside of this CPM ad network is that it requires at least 500,000 unique users every month. In this manner, this advertising program seems to be strict for new bloggers. But they are good for offering high impact advertisements and sharing 55% of revenue with their publishers.

Conversant Media

Conversant is a leading name in the advertisement industry where it offers monetization of websites, mobile apps and mobile optimized sites. The company is also indulged in the world of affiliate marketing. Being one of the most reliable CPM based ad network, they can help you to make good money from your blog.  They require 3,000 impressions per month for your site to be accepted. Conversant Media is a good option for those who cannot get into other advertisement networks because of high traffic demands.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads service offers you the single solution for serving your ads across multiple channels. This simple yet intelligent ad server is effective to bring good money from your blog. Get 100% traffic monetization and quick approval for monetizing the traffic. The flexible targeting opportunities do everything for you to launch a successful campaign. The software has been designed and tested for high performance.

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This fully managed and organized self-service campaign optimization software is excellent for its expertise. ClickAdu is known for maximizing the revenue for advertisers and publishers. The well managed service is known for campaign optimization with good quality traffic monetization. The software has been designed for bot and fraud filtering. The top-notch quality of the service makes it easy to be used and launched. With the fortnight payment options, you can trust upon the software for on-time payment. You can call the customer care executives available 24x7 for resolving your queries.


Do you want to work with a really advance CPM advertisement service software? If yes, your search ends upon Adbuff. With the advance detection system, adbuff protects the advertisers from fraudulent impressions. The software offers a real-time dashboard to publishers and advertisers. Every publisher is provided with a unique account manager for reviewing the ad performance.

Best CPA Ad Networks

This is all about the top CPM advertisement service providers. You can compare their service charges and check out their service features to determine that which is the best for you. so, are you ready to start your journey towards earning from your blog?

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