UC News - We Media Program Review, Payment Proof, FAQs

Alibaba Group has come up with UC News - We Media Program for publishers and content writers. Through UC WeMedia program you can express yourself and earn money, reach an established audience and many other benefits. We go through UC News - We Media Program Review, payment proof, details on referral programs, FAQs and my take on it.

What is We Media Program?

We Media program rewards content writers and publishers for contributing to their portal. That means that you will have to join their program and publish news on their portal. For each article, they are rewarding publishers with money/cash rewards which can be withdrawn to your bank account as well. The articles are published on UC News portal and it's available for public access on UC News Android app.

If you think that you can easily make cash here by copy-pasting news articles then you are wrong. UC team has set up a detailed guide on how to post, payment terms, ads monetization, and complete guidelines are available on their platform once you join.

How to Register

Process on how to apply for UC We Media program is explained below -

  • Visit http://mp.ucweb.com/register.html
  • Enter your email, password and other fields. Click on Continue.
  • Now you need to verify your account by confirming a link sent to your email ID.
  • Once your account verification is done, you will be asked to complete the profile.
  • Provide all the details. You will also need to provide PAN Card number for this(don't worry it will not be mis-used).

So that was simple and easy!

How to Login

To keep track of your articles, earning and reporting, you need to login to UC News dashboard. Below is the link to access it -


UC Web Dashboard looks like this -

By default, you will be on Home tab where you can view your earning, followers, article views and get your invitation code.

There are also other tabs.

  1. The Post tab allows you to manage your content.
  2. The Income tab is to check your earnings.
  3. The Reporting tab is to view your visitors count. It's updated every 10 minutes.
  4. Guidelines tab is where you can read the program terms, policies, posting guidelines and other details. Before posting any content, I suggest you to not only read it but also understand it completely.

How to Post Content

In order to post content, you should go to Post tab and then click on New Post. Provide the content in the editor box and then click on Publish or Save the Draft accordingly.

How to Earn Money?

In order to make money through WeMedia program, you need to enable ad monetization. The following are the requirements that you should fulfill in order to start making money through WeMedia -

  • Your account should be 7 days old
  • One of your posts should have atleast 2000 views

If you meet those requirements then you can apply for monetization.

So, that was about the publishing and reporting. Now let's have a look at UC News Payment terms.

WeMedia Payment Terms

There are some payment terms and policies as well.

Minimum Withdrawal limit: USD 50

Payment Dates: 26th to 28th every month

In order to get paid, you should provide your PAN card number and bank account details with your Account number, IFSC Code, Bank Name and every other detail.

Currently, all the payments are done in US dollars.

We Media team didn't mention how much they charge for each payment and since you are receiving a payment from outside India and it's an electronic transfer, there are transfer charges associated with it, it should be born by publishers. They also didn't mention about taxes because it's income from outside of India. Amazon charges 15% for it.

Referral Program

WeMedia has also set up a referral program to reward publishers on a successful invitation. You will earn Rs 100 for each successful referral/invitation. Here there are certain conditions -

  • Your referral should publish atleast one article and get more than 1000 views for the same.
  • Only the first fifteen valid invitation are counted under your referral.

My UC News WeMedia invitation code is: 653fe8

Please enter that code when you register.

UC News Super 1000

UC We-Media Reward Plan 2.0 rewards top publishers from India and Indonesia. Super 1000 are the high-quality publishers of the platform with a minimum payout of Rs 50,000 a month.

UC News Payment Proof

Currently, we haven't got paid for them but we are expecting a payment next week. Do check out this space.

<If you have been paid by UC News, then please send us the proof, it will help others>

My Review

We Media provides a room for the content writer to make money and offers better rewards than any other such programs. Techulator.com is the other site which rewards readers for contributing articles on their site and they pay extremely less for each article. UC We Media is more or less the same. One major drawback of such program is that you don't have anything for your future. You just have to write articles and expect it reaches more readers. And in order to have more views, you share their post on your profiles at Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google+. So, smart plan for Alibaba has worked - they have got original content writers at a very low cost.

I tried their program for few days. Their terms and conditions are very harsh and everything that they have is with * mark [conditions apply]. For example, the referral program that they have counts only those publishers who have published one article and has got 1000 views. Biggest of them all, they count first 15 valid invitees [referrals].

Bottom-line is that - it's decent for content writers but not suitable for bloggers.

Alternatively, choose a blogging platform might benefit you more than what you write for UC News. Think twice before choosing this option because the payout amount is also too high, i.e., $50. Here is our guide on how to get started with blogging.

Disclaimer: As always with all my reviews, this Alibaba's WeMedia review reflects my personal opinion.

Do share your view on it through a comment below.

Yogesh Khetani: Yogesh is been in the field of technology for over seven years and keeps him updated with the latest smartphone in the market. He also loves outdoor games and so as a part of his hobby, he keeps you updated with blogging and technology news and updates.