Top 14 Substratum Themes FREE You Can Use On Your Mobile

If you ever want to give a new look to your device with better customization options in a convenient manner as good as possible, then the substratum themes can be the best options for you to choose. Today the CyanogenMod theme engine has been replaced by the Substratum themes which are powerful, proper & convenient to use for the Android operating system.

Basically, the substratum theme gives the combination of different layers together with the CyanogenMod that can provide you not only the commendable features but also no reboot is required by the device each time you change your theme. Apart from that, it gives you a notification about the themes that were outdated.

For substratum themes to get utilised in your smartphone, your device must be rooted. For making your Smartphone life more convenient & marvellous, we present you a list of some of the best-designed substratum themes to consider that can give your device a fresh look without any hesitation. Let’s get started:

A Rounded UI Theme

If you are a fan of rounded UI, then definitely this particular theme is made up for you. By the utilisation of this theme, you can round borders to your UI items like buttons, recent apps, notifications, etc. Along with this thing, you can also choose the amount of rounded corner you want with your items.

Price: it’s a paid version

The Modern UI theme

This theme is actually based on the famous windows. Phone 10 design and its upgraded version give you Modern UI theme in a dark shade. This theme is styled with proper dark backgrounds with a touch of blue accent colour. The theme adds system UI, Google Dialler effects, Google Plus and other multiple customization effects accordingly.

Price: Free

Download Modern UI Theme

Transparent Theme

The transparent theme can make the background of your UI items transparent, just like glass. For each & every wallpaper, you choose there is a new theme is available to welcome you with more surprises. Apart from that, you can even customise both the primary as well as accent colour of the theme you are using as per the need of yours. Along with this thing you can have a customization option for various fonts, icons, dividers, etc.

A J-Dark Ice Substratum Theme

J-Dark ice-substratum theme is a kind of beautiful theme that can give you support with the multiple colour choices in your android device like ice blue (by default), ice gold, ice pink, ice jade among others. Apart from that, it can have the ability to customise almost each & everything present on your device like camera, contacts, browser, gallery settings, etc.

The Gravija Substratum Theme

It is the simplest yet an amazing theme for your android device in a well-balanced manner in terms of excellence & superiority. It can have access to both dark & light themes in one single package with a great level of customization.

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Price: it’s a Paid version

Default engine dark Substratum Theme

If you love dark theme on your android device, then this theme is an excellent option. The dark substratum theme can allow you to make different types of customizations with your system UI. This theme comes with the default accent colour and later on you can change it to red, pink, white, etc. accordingly.

Price: Free

S.i.X Theme

It is one of the best substratum themes available for your free of cost. Apart from that, it can support up to 95 applications with almost 157 primary colours, 8 AOSP colours for keyboard, 24 Navigation bars with different colouring options. 150 accent colours and 10 boot animations. All these features are available to you free of cost.

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Price: Free

A swift black substratum theme

This is the purest form of black themes that can give a tremendous look to your cell phone. The swift black substratum black theme supports YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Hangout, WhatsApp, system setting and other useful system UI without any hesitation. The other variant of this black theme is swift dark substratum theme that can deliver you dark background.

Price: Paid

The flux – substratum theme

It is the theme that will not disappoint you at all in terms of great designing & multiple colour shades. This particular theme is well crafted & detailed in its design. Apart from that, it can allow you to have customised settings, good navigation, keyboard & quick settings.

Price: Free of cost

The PitchBlack Origins Substratum

This pitch-black origins substratum theme consists of two navigation overlays with two types of network indicators. It has two boot animations with 25 plus themes automatically crafted for you.

Price: Paid

Luminous Theme

In terms of light themes, the luminous theme is best suited for your android device. Its elegant look & supports to the 5 plus apps with 50 different colour shades is one of the best features you can get.

Price: it’s a paid version

Spectrum Theme

This particular theme includes 180 plus different colouring options with high-quality shades packaged into a single set. It can allow you the full customization of AOSP apps, Twitter, Settings, Google apps, WhatsApp & system UI among other things.

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Price: Paid

Greyce theme

With gentle colours & amazing backgrounds, this particular theme has three different colour variants; grey accents light theme, light theme (black accents) & a Pixel variant with blue accent.

Price: Free of cost

The RubiQ substratum theme

In addition to the recent updates, this dark RubiQ substratum theme is specially made for the black theme lovers. It has other options like pitch black, dark black and light overlays for you. It has different options like battery icons, navigation bars, colour shades & other third party app supports.

Price: it’s a paid version

All these themes can be best suited for you according to your needs & concern.

Apart from that, you can also use the following three themes with your rooted android devices for giving the better look & feel.

• Navbars theme
• Navigate theme
• N Navbar

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