Microsoft Android Phones Release Date, Rumors, News

After Nokia's and BlackBerry's successful journey in recent years with Android, Microsoft has planned to introduce Android phones powered by Microsoft. Let's refer them as 'Microsoft Android Phones' for the sake of simplicity.

Looks like Microsoft has made us an indication last year when they admitted that Windows phones are dead. In a series of tweets, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore confirmed the news.

Microsoft Android Phones

Nokia's journey into Android within a year and a half is very astonishing. And the same goes for BlackBerry, the Canadian smartphone maker which was preferred brand when it came up with QWERTY keypad phones a decade back.

Both Nokia and BlackBerry have opted to go for Android phone offering and they are quite successful.

Microsoft Android Strategy

The idea of coming out with Microsoft Android phone isn't bad either. Infact it will be a good idea of it's hit. The Bill Gates founded company is known for the Windows operating system for PC and laptops and the MS Office for editing Word files, PPT files and excel files. So-called as the Microsoft productivity tools like MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook are already available as a standalone app on Google Play Store.

With the latest updates on these already available, we can do more like Outlook has got two new features: Do Not Disturb and ability to delete contacts. Powerpoint now supports editing of your slides sideways and MS Word Android app includes a host of new features in the new update.

"Microsoft has Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and OneNote productivity tools, which they can use to sell their Android phones."

They can plan to introduce these apps on their phones pre-installed and could make them complimentary for a year or two.

The first Microsoft Android phone might be out soon, maybe by the year-end or by the first half of the next year. How does the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) debut sound to you?

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As far as the naming goes, there is nothing known now. Possibly the Microsoft branded Android phones will be called as Microsoft Surface phones or simply Microsoft A1, Microsoft A6. Perhaps they should adopt the Nokia's naming convention and name their first Android smartphone as Microsoft 1 or something similar like Microsoft 6, Microsoft 8.

Microsoft Surface Android Phone

There is a strong rumor that the upcoming Microsoft 2019 phone will be called as the "Microsoft Surface Android Phone". Is it true? It's only up to the Microsoft to answer this question.

Microsoft Android Phones Release Date:

Officially there isn't anything to talk about Android phones by Microsoft right now. Perhaps everything here is rumors.

Phone Model Number

Release Date

Microsoft A1 Q4 2018
Microsoft 6 Q1 2019
Note: Based on rumors

So are you excited about the Microsoft Android Phones? We can't wait for the company's announcement.

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