Fix PUBG Error Codes, Payment Error, Cannot Spectate This Mode Error

Players Unknown Battlegrounds famously known as PUBG is the world's most popular game and here in this guide PUBG error fix guide.

There are a lot of PUBG Errors that are encountered while playing the game. So are you wondering why those errors on PUBG happens, here we have explained why it does.

PUBG Error

How to Fix Cannot Spectate This Mode in PUBG

This error started when a 475 MB update made available to users on 17th April 2019. Through this update, developers introduced spectate mode in PUBG and hence gave birth to 'Cannot Spectate this mode error' in PUBG.

The fix guide is pretty simple, actually, when you are blocked to spectate, you can't your friends game.

PUBG Payment Error

Many users have also reported the problem of PUBG purchase error. The only solution is to keep trying or check your credit card.

PUBG Device is Not Supported

Many of the smartphones users also see their device not supported. In order to run PUBG on your mobile, your device should atleast have atleast 4 of RAM and full HD display supported phone.

Spectator Limit Has Been Reached

This Spectator Limit Has Been Reached error happens when the spectate people count hit more than its limit. As of now, I believe not more than 3 people can spectate your game.

A similar error is Cannot Spectate While in a Group. This happens when you are tring to spectate when you are in a duo/squad team/group.

PUBG Request Time out

This error on PUBG often happens when there is a problem in the game while connecting to the Internet. It can be either your 4G/3G mobile data connection or issue connecting to Wi-Fi or router.

PUBG request Timed out but Internet Working?

This particular might be a connection error or some unknown error which can be easily rectified by retrying again.

PUBG High Ms in GamePlay

Since PUBG is a high graphic games, it may happen that the your Wi-Fi or network speed are low and that's why you get high ping rate in PUBG. Sometimes it also depends on server. Here the PUBG servers with the best Ping rates -

  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • KRJP
  • North America
  • South America

So, those were some of the errors which I have encountered while playing the game. If you have encountered any suspicious PUBG error on mobile, then please do let me know. I would provide a solution to it.

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