How to Check Belkin, AMD & Linksys Warranty Claim Status Online

Belkin Warranty Check

How to check Belkin Warranty claim status online. This guide is also applicable for AMD & Linksys product replacement too.

When you give Belkin products for replacement, you would be looking to know the status of your device because you can’t even purchase a new replacement for warranty period. So keeping a track on the status of your warranty claim under the process is essential.

Belkin has tied up with Accel Frontline, the Global IT services in India. So Accel Frontline not only provides warranty management system for Belkin but also for AMD, Gigabyte, Kingston, ViewSonic, Sony Ericsson, Brother, Kodak, Lexmark, Transcend, Kingston, Linksys, Moserbaer, Seagate and other third party vendors.

Herein this guide we show you how you can check the online warranty status claim status online.

Check Belkin Warranty Claim Status

Follow the procedure mentioned below –

  • Open
  • Select Belkin as the Vendor among the options highlighted and then click here to proceed.Belkin Warranty Check
  • Now in the next page select “Call Status – View” to check your product.Belkin Warranty Check- Call Status Check
  • Now provide the Reference ID / Call ID / RMA No / Vendor RMA No, Phone Number. (Check the Acknowledgement receipt given to you when you have provided the Belkin router to service center provider).
  • Now hit Get Status and that will list out customer details along with  Product Details for Replacement at the bottom.Belkin View Details
  • Under that hit on View Details to get details of your Belkin or Linksys warranty claim status online.Belkin Warranty Check- Check Status

Common FAQs

Some FAQs asked by people –

➡ What does Blocked for Allocation mean?

This reflects the Defective Item Status under Call Status View-Details. “Blocked for Allocation” means the part number that is to be replaced is currently not on-hand at that warehouse.

➡ What does Allocated – Escalated Items – Physical mean?

This also reflects the Defective Item Status. “Allocation – Escalated” means other warehouses and collection points have been contacted to have a replacement done for that part along with part number shipped ASAP.

➡ What does “In-Transit – For Call Based Transfer” mean?

This also reflects the Replacement Item Status under Call Status View-Details. In transit means, the replacement is on the way to service center where you have delivered the product. You will get some status message – something like ‘Ready to collect – replacement ready‘.

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Still have any unclear, you can choose other methods for support like – email to or dial 044-30724021/4022/4020 for status via phone.


  1. Hi! Yogesh .. I have applied for Segate Hdd replacement. Today I received a message from seacare asking to collect my replaced product and status on accel’s site for replacement product is- ready to delivery.. replacement allotted. But when I went to their office they are saying we cannot give you the replaced product right now as we are not able to print out the challan, for this challan a confirmation from Seagate’s side is required.. which will take few more days.
    So, do you know that actually this is the right Procedure or they are making fool of me?

    • Hello Ishan,
      Maybe it’s their internal system to issue challans because they are in partnership with Seagate and have their instructions. Call the Seagate customer care regarding this issue and they will help you.

  2. Hi Yogesh, I bought a Belkin Modem Router about 5 years ago, used for a year and left it unused till now. The store does not sell the brand anymore. It doesnt seem to work with no visible damage.Please tell me where I can send to get a replacement. It has a lifetime warranty.

    Thanks Regards

    • If its lifetime warranty, then you might get it replaced provided you have genuine problem. Warranty is provided by brand, not the store from you have purchased. Actual problem can be known by contacting Belkin Support. Just call them or visit their service center. They will better help you better.


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