8 Advices for Easy BuySellAds Approval - Publisher Inclusion

BuySellAds is a platform for both publishers to easily get advertisers for advertisers to get their target audience. It's the #1 program under this niche and as such, they have quality control over approving the publishers for inclusion into the BuySellAds directory. BuySellAds needs some approval and that requires something perfect arrangement for your blog. If you have put anything wrong then it will not get approval.

BuySellAds Approval Tips

There are some specific points to be followed to capture the best way. Some of them are as follows -

#1 Room for Advertising

With so many ad networks available, we use not one but atleast two or three and some even tie up with four to five ad networks. We all want to get maximum income from our blog and that's good until and unless it hurts your blog readers. If you are applying with those many ads slot on your blog, it leaves no room for BuySellAds advertisers and your application is subjected to rejection. So it's advised to only place 2-4 ad blog units [not ad networks] on your blog so that there are empty places on your blog. BuySellAds check this before approving each site and so this is our #1 parameter in order to get BuySellAds approval.

#2 Should Rank Good

By improving the rank of your blog you can easily get approved by BuySellAds. How much value is there for your blog, will decide its rank. Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Compete, and Quantcast Rank are considered to be the best parameters for any site. If all those ranks are good and competitive, then you can easily get approved.

You can also check for your site domain authority and page authority available at Moonsy.

Best CPM Ad Networks List

As a general rule, you should atleast have an Alexa Rank of less than 1,00,000 and a good Compete, Quantcast rank.

#3 Needs Domain of Top Level

The top-level domain works perfectly and then you have the maximum chases of getting approved. But, in case a person uses a free domain, then he will not get any option for approval.

#4 Maximum Traffic is Required to get approval

It’s very important to have maximum traffic. If you have less traffic, then improve it and try to acquire the maximum traffic or better to say at least 100k. More traffic to your blog can be done through proper Internet marketing and SEO.

Currently, they are asking 100K visitors per month to your site.

#5 Don’t be a Part of an Incomplete Website

A lot of websites are availed and many times some users take part in those sites and do not fulfill their motto. If you are one of the victims of some incomplete sites, the possibilities of getting approved are very less. Thus, don’t try to apply in those cases. Instead, correct those errors and then apply or re-apply.

#6 Always Try to Grab the Fresh Content

People don’t like to get information from old content and that is why if you keep updating your blogs, you will surely achieve your target of approval by BuySellAds.

#7 Niche Matters

BuySellAds have current demands for niches like Technology, web design, development, and Web 2.0. So if you are from this niche, there are great chances that your blog/site will get approved.

#8 Be Confident with your Content

If your application is perfect in every aspect, you will surely get a chance of approval from BuySellAds. Try to apply for English blogging and always avoid putting in excess advertisements.

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