8 Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers 2024 List

The best Video Ad networks for publishers 2024 that you can use in order to monetize your site with video advertising.

Video ads are known as the latest concept for publishers who want to establish an awesome promotional network. This kind of ad network is utilized for the monetization of properties through conventional banner ads.

The best thing to know about these ad networks is that they are comparatively small in size and that’s why the idea is growing rapidly with time and it is expected that the popularity of this kind of promotional activity will continue in the future.

Best Video Ad Networks 2024

Check out the list of top video ad networks which are good options for publishers:


BrightRoll is one of the biggest video networks that need publishers to have at least 5 million video views from the US every month. This is how the video ad network is considered to be beyond the reach of beginning publishers who are searching the way for monetization of video traffic.

The Chicago-based BrightRoll claims access to’ 10 billion impressions per month on over 15K websites and apps. So publishers who meet the demand of their ad network are offered an online application form.


SpotXchange offers over 2.5 billion video ads per month and generates great revenues. The ad network has a network of over 1K plus publishers that post updates every month from the marketplace.

This is how it highlights ads that are efficient in generating revenues and serving the publishers well.


This smaller video platform is highly popular among those publishers who are in search of growing direct sales and boosting fill rates together. This video ad network works upon PUMA Technology which utilizes integration and serves ad sales into video content directly. When it comes to monetization, the network affiliated with the foundation is available for being utilized in any remnant inventory.

The company invites publishers for an online application if they bear about 500K original users per month. By offering ads in various formats, classic displays with attractive video, this ad network is highly resulting-oriented.


Another popular video ad network YuMe offers two options to publishers, a QuickStart product for simplification of the video monetizing process and a pro product for offering a more flexible approach in order to implement the latest strategies.

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Videology is a New York-based video ad network that focuses on offering good advertising services to marketing professionals.

The founder of the platform, Scott Ferber provides effective solutions for supporting publishers to maximize their production of video ads.


Auditude, the video-sharing platform is utilized for the management of direct sales as well as to fill unsold inventory with ads through the network. The ad platform was acquired for $120 million by Adobe in 2011.

This video ad platform offers significant control to media companies over the presentation of ads.

This is how; publishers can customize the display of their ads along with the selection of the type of ads to appear.


Hulu is a video ad platform that connects your brand with viewers through attractive stories. For captivation and connecting people with stories, the ad foundation helps publishers create fantastic experiences.

Hulu works by custom-building creative and sponsorship that drive better engagement and results.

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Secondly, choice-based advertising helps users empower their business. The popularity of the ad network is based upon the world-class proprietary technology which has been designed to offer high-class video cross-platform.

Specific Media

Specific Media is one of the preferable video ad platforms that offer programmatic with guaranteed visibility. The best point about the services of this ad network is that it is reachable to TV viewers even when they are not watching TV.

So this is all about the popular video ad networks but one thing to be kept in mind here is that not all video ad networks are suitable for every publisher. Those who have low video traffic should opt for the YouTube approach is the best. So, are you ready to choose the best suitable video ad platform for you?

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So those were some of the best video ad networks for publishers in 2024.

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The best Video Ad networks for publishers that you can use in order to monetize your site with video advertising.
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