Best Tools to Convert Text to Speech Sites 2023: Free Text to Speech Converter Online List

Check out the best Tools to convert text to Speech sites 2023 aka free Text to speech Converter online list.

Text to speech converters allows the users to listen to the text which they usually read on the Internet. If a person relies heavily on the Internet to read and learn the topics which best interests them and tired of reading web pages, then a free text converter online can come to the rescue.

Free Text Converter Online Tools

The text converters allow the users to convert text into speech so that the users can listen to them rather than reading them.

Mentioned below are a few of the approved free text converters available online.

CTRLQ Listen

Listen to free Text to Speech software can convert any webpage or text within no time. The tool has a full-featured online web translator that can be used for 23 languages.

The recently launched ImTranslator by Listen offers integrated TTS voice and spell-check functions as well. This is free software where the text is converted to MP3 file format and downloaded to the computer for free for listening.


ReadTheWords is a popular text-to-speech software that can convert text, documents, web pages, RSS feeds. There is a free trial and tutorial available to guide first-time registered users.

However, to get benefits like unlimited audio file creations, access to multiple and enhanced readings, unlimited podcasting, embedded readings, and saved readings, the users are required to subscribe to several packs.


VozMe is a simple and easy-to-use free web app which is used to text into MP3 format. It is an online web translator where the users have to paste the text in the form and click on the "Create MP3" link so that the file gets converted to MP3 which can be used for listening later.


This app is for someone who refers to Wikipedia quite often. Dedicatedly meant for Wikipedia readers, the free text to speech translator not only converts the file into MP3 files but also plays and saves the files for later use.

PediaPhon is available in multiple languages and can also be accessed through an Android app.


SpokenText easily converts texts from any source to MP3 files. Users can convert and record any text from PDF, Word, PPT files, web pages, etc. and convert and save the audio files.

However, the service is available in only four languages, viz., English, German, Spanish, and French.


YAKiToMe is free text converter software that goes well for English language learners. With the help of ATT technology, the users can choose the type of voice for MP3 files to be translated.

The functions otherwise remain the same as other TTS converters.

Do let us know which of these free online text converter sites you liked.

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Best Tools to Convert Text to Speech Sites: Free Text to Speech Converter Online List
Check out the best Tools to convert text to Speech sites aka free Text to speech Converter online list.
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