Top 10 Best Quora Alternatives 2024

Here check out the best Quora alternatives i.e., best Question & Answers sites for backlinks (top Q and A sites).

As it is known, is a well-known website that most of us prefer to visit when we have a question in mind. As it is free and offers good content, competitors try to match its level. Even if you do not find a question similar to that of yours, you can still post a question and wait for the answer. It is also a way to get known for answering questions and helping others. So, here are the top best Quora alternatives list.

Best Quora Alternatives:

Still, there are people who are not comfortable using Quora because of its interface and the lack of availability of a user guide. There are some alternatives to Quora that all of us can use.

Stack Exchange:

Earlier, this platform was only used to ask questions related to computer programming. But now, this platform is used to ask general questions.

The topics are divided into different sub-topics which makes it very user-friendly in nature. You can answer more than once and at the same time, earn points for answering questions.

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Yahoo Answers:

You will have to sign up, and you are ready to go. It works in the form of a game system, where you gain points for each and every question that you answer. But, there is a drawback to the same. The answers are not professional in nature here.

That means there is a lack of quality in some of the answers. Also, there is a very limited time given to the user to answer a question on this platform.

Voat.Co beats Yahoo Answers to become top Q&A site, but this is, however, it's more of a social bookmarking site.

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WikiAnswers by Fandom is yet another popular Question and Answer site.

This is also free to use. This platform has two segments. One is known as General. In this segment, people ask questions in order to gain knowledge on the same. And the other one is Social.

In this segment, people ask questions that are open-ended in nature and can be used to gain popularity.


It's yet another popular Quora replacement. It only accepts signs via Facebook.


This is not an open platform. It is used for organizations, where the employees have to sign up using their company e-mail ID and then ask questions that are relevant to their field.


This is a very good platform for all management students and budding entrepreneurs. On this platform, you will find business and technology thought leaders, who will answer your questions on different topics. is the latest Question and Answer site.


The site is accessible through URL, and it's growing as a Q & A site.

Popular Q & A Sites

Here are the other popular Question and Answer sites -

  1. ricodigo/shapado
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So, those were some of the best Quora Alternatives.

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Here check out the 10 best Quora alternatives i.e., best Question & Answers sites for backlinks(top Q and A sites).
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