6 Best Infolinks Alternatives – Top InText Ad Networks 2023

We have listed 6 Best Infolinks Alternatives worth trying to make money using top In-text ad networks.

Infolinks is the favorite choice while going for any In-Text Ad network. People have misread Infolinks as an alternative to Google AdSense for making money but Infolinks just converts your content into links of advertiser’s interest. So Infolinks in our view, it’s not a Pay Per Click(Cost Per Click) program and it should fall under In-Text Advertising network, to be precise.

Best Infolinks Alternatives 2023

So is InfoLinks only the In-Text Ad network in the market? No, we have found almost half a dozen of such ad networks and we have listed off the best In-Text Advertising network for publishers which are interned best Infolinks alternatives.

VigLink - Best Possible Replacement [Recommended]

VigLink for us in recent months has generated awesome revenue streams. It will be bad to say that VigLink is not among the best In-Text Ad network. Once you integrate VigLink Javascript, it will automatically convert normal text into Amazon, eBay affiliate links, and whenever there is a sale, you get your share. VigLink hasn’t disclosed the publisher's share upon each sale. It pays you on a NET 30 basis with no minimum payout.

In our personal testing between Infolinks and VigLink, we found VigLink outdoing Infolinks.


  • Most Trusted ad network
  • Payment on time

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Kontera vs Infolinks is a topic of debate. Kontera functions just the way Infolinks does and it's one of the brilliant in-text ad networks. Kontera has come out with WordPress plugin for easy integration and it pays via Paypal.


Clicksor is yet another Infolinks alternative to try out. Clicksor pays you on the NET 15 basis and has a minimum payout of $50 via Paypal and Check. They have also introduced a referral program that can fetch you a 10 % commission.


Formerly SkimLinks is a VigLink alternative so it can be added to the In-Text Ad network list. In the comparison of Skimlinks vs VigLink, it’s proven that Skimlinks pays higher.

Affinity In Text Adverting Network

We have added Affinity In-Text Advertising because of its powerfulness. It’s growing rapidly and if you are not happy with InfoLinks, Affinity ads are worth try.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media also offers Contextual in-text advertising for webmasters and bloggers. Vibrant Media has been praised by many publishers and many have recommended it over Infolinks, so it can be among the good alternatives to Infolinks.

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So have you come across any better Infolinks alternatives? Do share your story with us and let other knows. You are open to the free comment below.

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