Back Into Blogging - Exciting, Challenging, Announcing

Blogging gives you freedom to express yourself and to be part of blogging community I am launching myself [re-launch] in the tech industry. Before starting as an independent blogger with rare updates on, I was working for Digital World Solutions, which you might know as Amit Bhawani's company. Yes, he is my cousin and I worked for him from 2010 to 2013 and then shifted to my Dad's business of Timber and Wood products which was doing very good at that point of time. Now as we welcome back recession, more impact in newly formed Telangana State, opportunity for business in Telangana is very less but it will back to its normal in coming years.

Blogging was my passion and after gap of few years in between, I am thinking to come back to my core interest. Blogging has evolved, couple of years ago blogging was completely different because you create a blog with multi niche, you got to rank for it but now it's altogether a different scenario. It's more like a marathon race but still I want to choose a niche with which I am familiar enough. I want to be a tech blogger and to be a tech blogger you need inspiration from famous techies. Following the foot-step of role model Amit Bhawani & his brother Chetan Bhawani, I announce blog.

I will be active part of that community and this blog will continue as my personal blog. Since I will be busy with the new tech blog with media coverage, content creation and reviews, I might not find much time to blog here, so I will be sharing random stuff about blogging.

Update: Change in plans, I am now full time work for and since PhoneAdvices does offer similar stuff, no use of keeping both.