What is Pay Per Install Ad Network/Sites - PPI Networks

With the advancement in technology, several opportunities have sprung up such as the generation of income via the pay per install advertisements which are now possible via the online medium. The PPI is not as acknowledged as the well known models of the affiliate marketing. However, it happens to be the best way of generating online traffic. You may even encounter the pay per install option every single time when you are viewing a sports event such as basketball or boxing. However, pay per install in the affiliate marketing scenario is somewhat different.

What Is Pay Per Install?

Pay per install is the model of the affiliate marketing which is employed for the generation of traffic which employs advertising adware or software. It is at times confused with the pay per click model. Indeed they are similar in some ways but technically they happen to be quite different. In pay per install the advertisers and the affiliates gets paid for every single view of the ads which are usually a pop under or pop up at a website or a landing page. On the other hand pay per click, is when the advertisers and the affiliates are paid for clicks on the listings which are known to redirect the audiences to some other website or page. Pay per click is known to use the Google Adsense and Adwords.

How Does the Pay Per Install Work?

Pay per install happens to be a novel thing which is quite sweeping the net. By using the particular way, the visitors at the site are paying out even without their knowledge. It may seem to be a sneaky thing but in reality that is not true. The visitors that you have at your site are not clicking at anything for the installation process that they do not choose freely to click at and every single time they do so you get paid. It is one of the best ways to generate income without even letting the visitors know that you are helping the site.

Here is a brief description of the working of pay per install program. You will be required to sign up as the affiliate  with a couple of firms offering pay per install and make certain that the firms are reputable and are acknowledged in the particular field. After that you will be required to select some content and then put it at the site. After that you will be required to wait for the visitors for clicking and after that you will be paid. It is indeed a simple process and can be done easily.

In addition to all this there is no requisite for the marketing purpose as the affiliate of the pay per install process. You need not send emails or spam messages thrice a day for the advertisement of the pay per install content. You are not required to pay people to put the banners of advertising on the sites or to pay the search engines to get your content on the internet.

What Are The Benefits of employing Pay Per Install?

Pay per Install online advertising has a number of benefits. First of all it happens to be comparatively cheaper than other models such as the pay per view or the pay per clicks system. However, it is recommended to get some professional help as it will ease your work considerably and the rates are very lower with the pay per install process. Also you can target your audience easily with the help of the Pay per install process and earn some hefty amount in the process and also make your website well known.