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Ever since the mobile Internet users have crossed desktop visitors, webmasters are trying hard to make website which are mobile compatible. Consumers now want information right from their smartphone or tablet PC. As such need of having faster loading mobile pages is on high. Everyone wants faster accessible pages, which can be displayed even from slow 2G or 3G mobile data connection. Google has also added website loading speed as one of the parameters to rank a website in the Google search engine. Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is the latest open source technology adopted by Google and the webmasters to speed up their website for mobile users.Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag

Typically AMP is a way to build faster loading webpages which has static content. Publishers who are using WordPress can simply implement it by using any of the AMP WordPress plugin.

Here in this particular case we are dealing with guide on how to fix ‘Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag‘ when you implement AMP on WordPress. It’s a common AMP Error that should be fixed.

How to Identify Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag Error Pages

If you are on this page then you might have noticed this AMP error. Google’s Search Console, formerly the Webmaster tools helps you to easily identify pages with AMP error on your website.

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So head on to Search Console > Search Appearance and then click on Accelerated Mobile Pages.Search Console AMP

You will see a graph depicting AMP pages indexed and the AMP pages with error in orange line.

Fixing the AMP Errors

Actually fixing the AMP error lies in clearly understanding what the problem is. So, its important that you completely understand the problem or read what does Google has to say.

So, to get a detailed report, click on the issue relating to invalid HTML tag use and it will list out all the pages that has this AMP implementation wrongly.amp-reports-on-search-console

You can download the page URLs with errors which also shows last time when it was detected.

Also if you click on any of the AMP pages URL, you will get full details where the error happens.Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag

As you see in the above screenshot, the error what I did was in implementing phone table in that particular web page. I added table border which by AMP, is an invalid HTML tag. So I will have to remove the WordPress table border.

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So this is how you can fix invalid use of HTML Tag errors on AMP pages of your website.

Do comment below if you have any particular problem relating to AMP on your WordPress blog.

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9 Reasons Why I Say JetPack is The Best WordPress Plugin Ever https://yogeshkhetani.com/jetpack-best-wordpress-plugin/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/jetpack-best-wordpress-plugin/#comments Thu, 27 Apr 2017 01:46:00 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=133 Yogesh khetani considers 6 reasons why JetPack Plugin is the best WordPress plugin ever.

The post 9 Reasons Why I Say JetPack is The Best WordPress Plugin Ever appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

There are around 45,365 WordPress plugins out there in the WordPress repository. Less than 1% of them are unique and other serves the same purpose. Looking at that number, choosing the right plugin might need you an expert advice. And that’s why last week I listed 51 Best & the Most Essential WordPress plugins. When I just started with YogeshKhetani blog, I wondered why JetPack comes pre-installed with WordPress, and I used to directly delete the plugin. When I moved back to Genesis framework after experimenting on several cheap WordPress themes, I happen to somehow come across usefulness of JetPack by WordPress. I am talking about those early days of JetPack plugin when it was born. But today, according to me JetPack is the best WordPress plugin ever. Why I said that – checkout few reasons which made me to conclude. The choice was not easy because I needed to choose just one.JetPack by WordPress

WordPress self-hosted blogs are quite different from WordPress.com free blogs. While the functions on self-hosted WP blogs are limited to what users opt-in, WordPress.com is packed with powerful features, almost same as that of Blogger (free Blogging platform by Google). The WordPress plugins ease the hard work of coding for you. I am a non-coding expert (like me, yes, I am bad a coding) now has a website like this one.

With every plugin that you add to your site, it increases load on your site and also count towards total requests on a page. Expert WordPress bloggers always suggests to use little to less WordPress plugins on your site. Even I recommend you to delete plugins that you rarely use. If a plugin servers multiple purpose then it’s quite useful and talking about multiple functions in one plugin, JetPack is the plugin that does the job of almost all the basic needed plugins that you currently require on WordPress.

For me, the JetPack by WordPress is Mother of All WordPress Plugins.

Listed here are the 9 reasons why I love the JetPack by WordPress.com plugin –

JetPack All-in-One Functionality

JetPack plugin combines functionality of many plugins and so it can be called as one plugin for all purposes. As soon as I installed JetPack, I removed, CommentLuv plugin, related post plugin, any post sharing plugin, XML sitemap plugin, Contact Form plugin and any exclusive mobile theme plugin. This reduced further clutter on my blog and I was left with only few plugins to deal with.

#1 Monitor Site Down Time

We are human and we can’t always check when our website is down or not. Instead of manually checking through several website monitoring tool, I liked the way in which JetPack monitors any blog. The plugin always checks whether your site is up or not. Even it sends me notification via email when my site goes down.Monitoring

Here is one email of the screenshot that I received –

JetPack Site Monitor

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#2 Easy Auto Publish & Sharing on Social Sites

Neil Patel in a recent blog archive stated that ‘Social is the new SEO‘, although nothing new to us as everyone know that Google SEO algorithm has changed a lot in recent time. So I might needn’t explain you how important is Social media promotion now. For any tech blogger who continuously write about latest smartphones, tablet PC launches, it’s hard to share content manually on social media sites.Social media sharing

Ever since I came across JetPack Plugin, it made my work too easy as it automatically share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Path, Tumblr.JetPack SharingUsing this module, you can auto publish post on –

  • On your Facebook Fan Page
  • On your Facebook Profile
  • On Your Twitter handle
  • Auto publish to Tumblr
  • Auto publish to Path
  • Auto share to Google+ Page
  • Auto Share to your profile on Google+
  • Auto share post on to your LinkedIn Profile

Just connect to services available and you are ready to automate social sharing.

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Furthermore it allows you to add your own sharing button but I haven’t tried it!

#3 Efficient Social Sharing Buttons

JetPack Sharing isn’t only met to for social media promotion as it’s also the place where you add easy social sharing buttons at the end of the post. JetPack Social ButtonsWith JetPack Sharing buttons you can integrate Twitter, Google+, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, Print, Email, Pocket, Tumblr, LinkedIn sharing buttons with control over button style from Icon + Text, Icon only, Text Only and official buttons. Furthermore, you have control on where to show those buttons.

#4 Easy Related Posts

Showing up related posts just after social sharing button is one of the way to keep visitor on your blog. Since your reader are genuinely looking for content relating to what they have searched for, related post might help them gain more knowledge about particular topic or keyword.JetPack Related Posts

With JetPack, you can easily show up related posts under each single post on your WordPress blog. With that you will no longer need to use any related post plugins or any other related post services.

It serves alternative to –

#5 Mobile Theme

With mobile phone transforming into smartphone, your site should be mobile friendly. Several WordPress themes are responsive but if you don’t have one such responsive WordPress theme, then JetPack has the solution for it as well. Hit Mobile Theme Activate and you are ready to rock.JetPack Mobile ThemeI have this function enabled on few of my blogs which is rich in front-end customization. It makes homepage size much bigger and in order to retain the mobile visitors, I have mobile theme functionality turned ON.

#6 Blog Subscription

For one or the other reason I don’t prefer Google Feedburner, I have opted for JetPack blog subscription. As soon as I publish as new article, readers of my blog will get notification via eMail. This is quite a useful functionality to stay ahead of all the readers and get the news first.JetPack Subscribe

#8 Spelling & Grammar Check

Even though human made computers, computers can let us know of those small grammar spelling errors automatically. JetPack integrates After the Deadline plugin as a proofreading service. Previously I had this plugin separately installed but now it comes within JetPack services.WordPress Grammar CheckOnce you activate the Spelling & Grammar module, you will get the following options under Users > Profile

  • Proof reading when post/page is published
  • Proof read when post or page is updated

Proof reading WordPressNot only that you can ignore certain words while proof reading and a decent number of settings, so that user don’t have to look out for any other alternative plugin.

#9 Blog Commenting System

Using JetPack Comments you can easily integrate social logins via Twitter, WordPress and Facebook for easy commenting on your site.JetPack Comment System

I love the number 9, I will stop there. I could have extended the post by listing all the JetPack modules but I don’t wanted to do that and I listed on those features which are too good in my view.

Other features of JetPack are –

  • VideoPress: Allows you to upload videos on your site.
  • Infinite Scroll: Automatically shows up the next article when you reach the end of a particular article.
  • JSON API: Allows apps to securely access your content through cloud.
  • Photon: CDN has been impressive, with JetPack Photon your site will load images faster.
  • ShortCodes Embeds: Allows you to easily embed videos/slide from YouTube, SlideShare.
  • Contact Form: Allows you to easily integrate Contact Form anywhere you want.
  • VaultPress: Although premium plugin but JetPack does have option to show it up.
  • XML Sitemap: Easily create search engine readable XML sitemap.
  • Site Verification: Get Pinterest, Google Search Console and Bing webmasters verification done easily.
  • Easily add custom CSS and Javascript

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So what’s your say on JetPack by WordPress plugin? What are the reasons that made you download JetPack, the best WordPress plugin ever?

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How to Bypass ‘Deceptive Site Ahead’ Google Chrome Error https://yogeshkhetani.com/deceptive-site-ahead-google-chrome-error/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/deceptive-site-ahead-google-chrome-error/#respond Mon, 24 Apr 2017 12:36:03 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=595 Guide on how to bypass or fix 'Deceptive Site Ahead' Google Chrome error on desktop, laptops, Android or any other device.

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Deceptive Site Ahead: Google Chrome has just edged past Internet Explorer as the most preferred browser and this is one of the many cases where Google has proven their top position. For Apple they have Safari browser but that isn’t that popular. One of the main feature why people prefer Google Chrome is that they have adapted to technology changes. One major reason why I like Chrome browser is the ability to sync bookmarks, logins and other data effectively on different devices, it has given me freedom to work from anywhere, just enter your email ID and all the relevant data will be available, quick and fast.

Why This Notification

One of the latest features that Google Chrome has added to their web browser is the Safe Browsing technology. It’s also known by other names as ‘Deceptive site ahead warning‘ notification. It can be detected on Safari, Mozilla Firefox, UC and other browsers. It is designed to flag deceptive sites which might install unknown software or reveal your personal information.

The error look like this –

Deceptive Site Ahead Google ChromeWhile all things are good and we respect this wonderful move by Google, but this latest addition to Google Chrome security, it’s showing up wrong notifications for many sites. For instances, our site adsadvices.com did show up this error which we don’t use any other JavaScript or code apart from Google AdSense. Sad! 🙁 Many bloggers in the past have even complained of it and once you are caught in this error, it’s painful to remove it. Alternatively, the site works perfectly on other browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

The complete error message that you get is here –

Deceptive site ahead

Attackers on yourwebsite.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).

Available Options

With that Google Chrome error notification, you just have the option to ”Details” and “Back to Safety“.
When you click on Details, you get the following text –

Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on adsadvices.com. Phishing sitespretend to be other websites to trick you.

You can report a detection problem or, if you understand the risks to your security, visit this unsafe site.

Bypass Deceptive Site Ahead on Chrome:

You can easily bypass this deceptive site error on Google Chrome. Google is just trying to let you know that phishing attack ahead, right on their browser if they detect something while crawling your website. Here is how to fix deceptive website warning error –

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  • Open Google Chrome and go to SettingsGoogle Chrome Settings
  • Under that scroll down till the bottom to find “Show Advanced Settings“.ByPass Deceptive Site Error
  • Finally Uncheck “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites“.ByPass Deceptive Site Error
  • Now reload the website and you will see no such error.

While you can browse by turning OFF the option, but we don’t recommend doing this, unless and until you are so sure of the website that you are browsing. Once you do this Google will bypass all the sites which are caught in this browser filter. This however isn’t recommend and so this is not the permanent fix and it helps to browse your site and look for the actual cause of the problem.

Fix Deceptive Site Ahead Error:

If it’s your site then you should do a certain action in order to comply with Google and remove this notification visible to other users. Use the Red Leg tool to fix this issue.

Scan a Website for Malware, Malicious Script or Redirect

Luckily there is a tool by which you can scan your website or a URL for malware, malicious redirect, malicious script or for any malicious file.

Not just that, AW-Snap includes many other tools to identify any bad stuff on your site.

Report Google a Detection Problem

If you are sure that there is no problem in your site, then you can report it Google using ‘Report a detection problem’. Here is how you can let Google know about ‘detection problem‘.

  • When you receive the error, click on Details.
  • Under details, you will find the option of “Report a detection problem“.
  • This will lead you to a page where in you will have to submit ‘Report Incorrect Phishing Warning‘ request.Incorrect Phising warning
  • Just enter the URL and handle the captcha.
  • Commenting on what you did in order to fix the issue is very important.
  • Click on Submit Report.

Now, wait for a few days until Google does its job. Finally, even after 10 days you still see the error, it means that something is definitely wrong with your site. I urge you to scan your website deeply. If you are unable to find anything, inviting friends and co-bloggers to detect the issue. Alternatively discussing on popular forums will help you resolve the issue. One of the best source to deal with such problems is the Google Webmaster forum. That community has experience people who can help you to fix the issue. I too go a good help to fix the issue.

And finally once again submit the report with steps mentioned above and wait until your site is manually approved.

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Last Resort

If your site issue isn’t fixed in the second attempt. I recommend taking a backup of your website with all the posts, pages, and media and then delete the account. Submit a detection report for the final time.

Your website will be now fresh and afterwards, when your site gets back online, you can restore the backup. But again let me remind you that you should scan your site completely so that it doesn’t have any malicious or deceptive code or link.

I hope, the above guide has helped you to fix Deceptive Site Ahead error.

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Google AdSense List View Matched Content Ads Review https://yogeshkhetani.com/google-adsense-list-view-matched-content-ads/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/google-adsense-list-view-matched-content-ads/#respond Fri, 21 Apr 2017 03:24:14 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=1144 Google AdSense List View Matched Content Ads Review, how to get it, implementing guide and our Google Labs experiment results.

The post Google AdSense List View Matched Content Ads Review appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

Google Adsense Labs was launched on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, to find and test out experimental features. It’s not available to all the Google AdSense publishers as Google in blog post clearly said that it’s for eligible publishers. I was lucky enough to try out new Google AdSense List View Matched Content Ads and here is my take on it.

Google AdSense List View Matched Content

After launching Show fewer ads and Inline ads as the first two Labs, Google introduces the third Lab experiment, known as the List View Matched Content Ads.

Much like Matched Content [a feature which is available for invited publishers], List View Matched Content offers an additional opportunity for publishers to make money from their blog. It’s a content recommendation tool by Google. It doesn’t count as an ad unit and it comes under Page Level Ads. Although Ad unit limit was removed by Google recently, still you got to ensure that you are not over-doing with ads, i.e., don’t try to a make a ‘made for AdSense‘ website.

What is List View Matched Content Ads?

For any website, user engagement is the top priority. Google has done their best by providing useful tips and tools to ensure that every AdSense Publisher keeps visitors busy on their site. The all new AdSense Matched Content List View Ads serve the purpose of engaging customers and increasing visitor duration. Here is what official description reads out –

Generate a list of recommended content for your visitors to explore as they reach the end of a page. This could create a more engaging experience that may lead to increased revenue and time on site. This feature is available for <Your Website Name>.

How to Implement List View Matched Content

This Google Lab feature is only available to invited AdSense publishers. If you are trying to find out a method on how to get list view Matched Content, then I am sorry because you can’t request an invite for this feature to Google team. I got this invite through an email notification officially by Google, so check your mail [even the SPAM folder or the updates tab]. If you are publisher with this feature enabled, then here is how to implement List view matched content on your site/blog –

If you are publisher with this feature available to you, then here is how to implement List view matched content on your site/blog –

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Click on Opportunities tab.
  • Select Labs from the left navigation.
  • Now switch on Lab(s) from the “Available Labs” section.
  • Copy the ad code and paste it in your website.

Note: It’s the same ad code used for page level ads. So if you have page level ads already implemented on your site, you don’t have to do anything except turning on this feature.

If you are still finding it hard to implement it, then follow the official guide here.


  • Increases user experience
  • Increased time on site [average session duration]
  • Increase page views
  • Increases page/sessions
  • May increase your revenue
  • Design to engage users
  • Optimized for mobiles

Try implementing now if you have got an invite to this feature. Believe me, this feature is worth a try. I have implemented this feature and will be sharing my experience very soon.

For a live example, please visit TechnosAmigos.com [Ad code removed]. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see Matched Content-List View unit with Recommended For You as the Adblock heading.

My Conclusion

List View Matched Content is yet another great way to monetize your site and increase user engagement. This ad block neither disturbs readers nor your content.

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How to Make $3014 per Month from Google AdSense | Newbie Guide https://yogeshkhetani.com/make-money-from-google-adsense/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/make-money-from-google-adsense/#comments Fri, 14 Apr 2017 03:44:05 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=937 I Yogesh Khetani earned $35,000/yr i.e., $3014 a month from Adsense, making money through Google Adsense really possible. Here is how to get started - newbie guide.

The post How to Make $3014 per Month from Google AdSense | Newbie Guide appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

I earned $35,000 i.e., $3014 a month from Adsense, make money from Google Adsense is really possible. Here is how to get started.

Make Money from Google AdSense : A Million people desire to make money online but they are clueless on how to and where to start. Working online has become a livelihood for many. In the past few years, many professionals have switched their lifestyle to self-employed and got rid of 9 to 5 job. Among the few to name, Amit Agarwal an Engineer from I.I.T, quit his job at ADP Inc., to become a professional blogger, first one to do so. Just like that Matt Chow, Harsh Agarwal, Amit Bhawani, Kulwant Negi, Arun Prabhudesai & many have chosen blogging lifestyle. Those are just the persons that came to my mind randomly.

If you’re a newbie, I am sure you are reading their names for the first time but you might have heard or come through advertisement or some form that people are making a livelihood by working online. You can find a lot of success stories on popular websites and newspapers. Many of the make online frauds but making money through blogging [through Advertising programs] is the most genuine method. Something that you can rely on 99.9%.

Do you want to become a blogger and achieve success as an online entrepreneur? If yes, then read this comprehensive guide on how I run websites & blogs to make money online sitting at the comfort of home.

A small request: Majority of bloggers are doing copy-paste or similar stuff. Stop doing everything else, pause yourself from being multi-tasked and just read this post completely with all your focus – you never know it might be a life changing for you. Infact you even can earn income online, if you are so passionate about it.

The Internet is an open world and there are hundreds of ways through which you can make money. Google AdSense program is just one of them.

Here I am especially focused on making money from Google AdSense, an ad network which needs no explanation. 80% of people who are earning money from the web are using  Google AdSense program to achieve success. Without any risk, Google AdSense is the safest bet to earn money online. What more, it’s officially by Google, a hundred percent trustworthy.

This complete guide is for newbie aspirants who wants to make money online from Google AdSense. Here is will cover topics like how to create a site, how to apply for Adsense, ad placement, do’s and dont’s and how much you can expect to earn.

By the end of the article, you will completely understand how easy it is to get started, set up a site and make money online. But first, let me share my Google AdSense income of last month and this month.

How much I earn from Google AdSense per month?

➡ My monthly income report

There are people who are making millions, if not thousands of dollars every month via AdSense. Here is what I have earned in last three years and last month [$34,828.86 = Rs 22,63,820/- in India] just from Google AdSense.Google Earning

Last month turned out to be tremendous for me. My income from Adsense almost increased three folds. So here is the screenshot of last 30 days earning –

Make Money from Google AdSense

I made around $3014 which equals to Rs 2,01,551 a month in India. 2 lacs per month i.e., Rs 6500 a day is the appreciable amount and it’s equal to the salary of a reputed company manager.

I am sure earning statistics as mentioned in the above screenshot might have motivated you. Anyone can do that. It’s quite simple and straight-forward. In this post, I have disclosed everything secret of fetching a good income from Google AdSense program.

Neither it’s a fake ‘Make Money from home scheme’ nor I am going to charge you a fee. You can read official Google AdSense success stories. Income earned from Google AdSense is completely legal because you are paid through Wire Transfer/Checks from Google Inc.

Why am I sharing this secret of Money Making?

This is a free report of my success and I am sharing with my fellow friends because I believe that “Money only grows by sharing. The more you donate, the more will come back to you”. Add to that, you might have heard the famous saying “Money attracts money“. This doesn’t mean that I am blogging for money.

I had a passion for being something different from the crowd and I knew it since my college days that I don’t want a 9 to 5 job. I had a clear motto that I want to be a boss.

Enough of my philosophy, let’s move on.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising platform which entitles several publishers to fund their passion. It’s one of the ways to earn money through Internet/the web, all legally.

An Adsense publisher is a person/company which is approved to run their ads. In web terminology, it’s a Pay Per Click [PPC] ad network, infact the best one because it’s almost five to ten times better than any ad network. That’s why it has attracted a lot of people’s attention and many are making their livelihood as a freelance blogger.

How does Google AdSense Works?

It’s quite important for website owners to know how Google AdSense works. Complete details about it are provided in this post.

In simple words, AdSense publishers will get paid for the clicks on ads on their websites. It works on the basis of CPC [Cost Per Click] and EPC [Earning Per Click].

Research & get Started

Now that you have got clear idea of what AdSense is, let’s move on how to plan for a website.

I don’t want you to miss this section because –

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

I want you to read it 100 times before to proceed further because I don’t want any of you falling behind and wasting your time.

Purely that magical sum of Adsense figure has come after hard work. No, it’s not luck. I know how many hours a day I put to get those achievements and fruits of your hard work are always sweeter.

So before we move on to next session, you will have to analyze on what topic you want to blog with.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.”

That’s another saying by Anatole France. Lots of quotes 😛

Google AdSense Approval Requirements

What You will Need

Probably this is the easiest section that you will not have to look further. In order to get going with Google AdSense, you will need these –

  • A good laptop/desktop setup
  • Working Internet connection

Those two will do it but most importantly your passion for working hard is what matters the most.

Creating a blog for Google AdSense Account

If you ask me – do we need to have a website or blog for Google AdSense? Then, the answer is yes. In order to be a Google Adsense publisher, you will need a website or a blog. Many tend to confuse website and blog because both interpret similar meaning with only one major difference – the data presentation format. A blog has a sequential listing of posts while a website maybe presents you with fixed data, flash, images, HTML or Javascript. Generally, companies, services providers, eCommerce sites etc., have a website. A website can be complimented with a blog.

Believe me, running a website/blog is super easy and you don’t need to learn any course or go through coding. Everything on front-end is available in easy to understand language. Apart from English, you can use it in your own language as well.

Coming back to our topic here, you can get Google AdSense account by three ways now –

Through Blogger i.e., Free Blogspot blog

Google has created blogger.com platform through which they allow people to get free blogs but with .blogpost.com domain name extension. Blogger.com enables you to earn money from Google without investment. Yes, it’s completely free and there is nothing like PRO or pay to use version.

Smart way by using Blogging Platforms

Several blogging platforms are available. As far as I know, there are 15 CMS which can get you a blog. WordPress is widely popular CMS for blogging. Several others you can try are –

Choose any of the platforms but I personally recommend going with WordPress because it’s a widely popular platform with interesting themes and several plugins. Our YogeshKhetani.com is running on WordPress CMS with Newspaper theme. It’s a stunning theme, used by many sites.

How to use YouTube to get AdSense Account

You can create a YouTube Channel and upload your creative videos to start making money via Google AdSense. You will be called as a vBlogger because you are blogging using videos.YouTube on Smartphone

Check out my YouTube Channel and that should give you a rough idea.

How to book a Domain & Web Hosting

In order to earn money from Google AdSense, you will need a website. Technically speaking, a website has two primary things –

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting space

Domain name is the name of your site, an identification among several other websites. It’s just like your name among other peoples.

In order to make your content available over World Wide Web [www] you need to buy web hosting space, also known as a server. They are always online to make your content available 24 x 7. It’s much like space that you rent to carry out your business.

And to get a website up and running, you will have to book a domain name and web hosting in order to get started. Here is how to do it.

For booking a domain name you can purchase it from Namecheap.com. There are several types of web hosting and several providers as well. I have written well-documented step by step guide on how to get your website up and running. Please refer that.

How to Apply for Google AdSense

Now that your site is up, you should apply for inclusion as a Google AdSense publisher. But wait, you need meet the following requirements.

Check-List Before Applying

  • Age Requirements: You should be 18 years old.
  • When applying from countries like India your blog needs to be atleast six months old and this is one of their minimum requirement.
  • Your blog should comply with all Google AdSense Policies. You need to set up a well written Privacy Policy page as well.
  • You will also need about us, contact us page as well.
  • Content should be unique and plagiarism free.
  • Having enough content is a must. A minimum of 50 high quality posts should be enough, however it doesn’t guarantee you.
  • AdSense does work on site using other network ads but better don’t use them when applying for AdSense.
  • Avoid using paid traffic generation programs.
  • Mention Source and image source where-ever possible.

Google AdSense Application Procedure

Now that you know the checklist and minimum requirements, let us proceed on how to apply for AdSense and getting a blog of your own approved for monetization from the best network in the world.

Step 1: Create a Google [Gmail ID] account on your name providing all the correct details where-ever asked during signup. or even you can use your existing Gmail account.

Step 2: Visit Google AdSense Signup and click on Sign up Now.

Step 3: You will be taken to next page and here you need to click on Sign in. Use your Gmail ID/Google Account to log-in.

Step 4: In the next page you will be asked to enter your site and site language and click on Save and Continue.GA Application

Step 5: Provide all the details asked in step 3 like your address, Payee name, and other information in order to submit your application. Make sure you have entered correct details as per your bank account and it should match payee name.

Now part 1 is done from your site, its all left to Google AdSense to approve your site. It could take a couple of days for them to review your site. Do check for any email.

If you get approved by them, your will receive an email. You are now half a way through. Read the email which will mention you on how to access AdSense code generation section.

Generate a code and place it on your site. Make sure that you have placed the ad code on the site to which you have applied. This step from Adsense team is to check how good is your traffic. The team also checks for advertisers interests and several other parameters? This is actually the final step. During this process, until approval, you will see blank ads on your site. They will go live automatically when your website is officially approved. You will also receive an email welcome you to the Google AdSense program.

Ad Placement

Finally, you have an AdSense account and ready to rock and roll. It’s the time to place ads on your site. You should consider reading this help guide from Google team on best practices for ad placement.

How will I get Paid by Google AdSense?

This is probably the section you should not be worried about because AdSense is the most preferred and trusted ad network. You are bound to receive the payment from them until and unless your break into their policies. For the best understanding, I suggest you take your time in reading this informative article by Marziah Karch.

Google AdSense pays publishers when their overall earning reaches $100. Since you are a newbie, you will be sent a PIN to your address for verification once when your earning crosses $10 mark. You will receive the PIN within 2-3 weeks. This is called as PIN Verification process. You need to enter that before your receive any payments.

Google pays their publishers through Check or Wire transfer or through Electronics Funds Transfer [EFT]. As far as Indian publishers are concerned, they are now receiving the payments through wire transfer directly to your bank account. A nominal fee is levied.

That was about Payment. You can read further about how Google Adsense payment works here.

How much can you earn from Google AdSense?

Google AdSense earning potential & scope

To be frank with you there is no straightforward answer to it. I make thousands per month, you may get a couple of dollars or hundreds or more, all depends on various factors. This is why at the start of the article, I clearly told you to take your time doing a research and coming out with a systematic plan. Though I would like to tell you that possibilities are endless. There are people earning five-figure income with AdSense and even six figure income earners as well.

When you start, you may get only a few dollars a month for few months. This will be good enough to pay for hosting, domains and Internet bills.

Don’t be discouraged. Just focus on long-term goals.

Within two to three months you will be saving a couple of dollars from what you have done. It’s time for you to start tasting online digital world and your hard-work doesn’t end here. As your blog grows, you will earn good substantial income to survive.

In order to fetch good Google AdSense income every month, you will have to work on writing great content. Just remember promoting your content is as much important as researching for a keyword.

Finally, congratulations to you for becoming one of me. I am [infact the whole community] is here to help you. Just remember subscribe to our email updates, notifications, follow us on FacebookGoogle Plus and on Twitter as well.

How long does it take for Google Ads to show up?

If you have placed the ad code on your website, then within 48 hours ads will start showing up. Many have reported that ads on their website started running within 24 hours. At the end, it all depends on certain parameters like advertisers interest, ad sizes, etc.,

Google AdSense Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Always play safe with Google AdSense. Don’t try to fool them in any respect. They are smart enough to detect your techniques.
  2. Don’t over optimize your site with too many ads banner. Although Google has removed number of ads that you can place on a page, still visitors experience holds key to success.
  3. Don’t ever click on your own ads. Not even encourage someone to click on it.
  4. It’s always a good thing to keep your CTR(Click Through Rate) less than 3 percent.
  5. Always work on to improve your site’s RPM(Page Revenue per Thousand Impressions).
  6. You can share the amount your earned but you are not allowed to share actual stats through screenshot or any other form on web.


Google AdSense Publisher Review

After using AdSense for so many years, here is our review on it –

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https://yogeshkhetani.com/make-money-from-google-adsense/feed/ 7
Search for ‘Google Submit URL’ & Submit a Link in Google for Faster Indexing https://yogeshkhetani.com/google-submit-url/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/google-submit-url/#respond Thu, 13 Apr 2017 06:34:37 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=1345 Quick guide on how to submit URL to Google by searching for 'Google Submit URL' & Submit a Link for Faster Indexing in Google SERPs.

The post Search for ‘Google Submit URL’ & Submit a Link in Google for Faster Indexing appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

Google Submit URL : In recent news, an update has been going on that allows the users around the world to submit their URL directly to Google search engine for faster indexing. By doing this, it can be a lot easier for the users to index the URL. By going through the search engine and typing the “Submit URL to Google”, you will be able to see the URL submission form. It will show you the customized version of the knowledge graph box at the top of Google’s SERP.Google Submit URL

It can be the best practice to do for the perfect optimization of the web pages & links. By doing this, you can make sure that the content is interesting with a good amount of user interaction. It is the little thing that matters a lot for users when it comes to getting higher ranks on the Google’s search results.

Easier for Webmasters & Specialists of SEO

This thing can be easier for the webmasters & specialists of SEO for indexing their websites. The indexing basically is a way to store the websites on Google’s search engine which can be later on shown up to the SERP. This will also increase the functionality & quality of content with the help of this public tool. For the perfect delivery of results, the credibility of this update lies in simplicity & core functionality.

How to Submit A Link to Google for Faster Indexing –

  • In Google type ‘Submit URL to Google’ or ‘Google Submit URL’ or ‘Submit URL to Search Engine‘ or even ‘Google URL submit index‘ will do it.Google Submit URL
  • You will now get the first result as what you desired. You can directly visit this page as well.
  • Submit your URL and confirm ‘I’m not a robot’ reCAPTCHA.
  • There will be no notification or intimation by Google whether the link is submitted or not. I hope they implement it very soon.

Public Submission Form

By giving this facility to users one can take good benefits of this thing for increasing the functionality of your website. Google can now, give you a chance to submit the URL for the indexing purpose directly into the core of search engine’s results page. The only thing here you need to do is to type the “Submit a Link to Google” in your browser & then Google will display the narrow box at the top of the search results where you can be able to submit your URL to Google’s index. It is just like a public URL submission form for directly placing the smart interactive answer to the search results.

Also Read – Fix Yoast SEO No Keyword Issue

By taking help of this tool, you can directly submit the URL of interest for the indexing purpose in search engine giant. After the successful submission, your submitted URL will be reviewed by the Google for whether or not to index the URL. After the reviewing process gets completed your URL will be shown in the search results of the Google search engine. But at the same time, it does not means that the URL you have submitted for the inclusion in the search engine index in Google will be surely included in the search index, or it will be shown in the rankings of their result pages. There are many factors that matter when it comes to getting higher ranking on the Google’s search results and a website has to be qualified by those factors. You have to make sure that the website is best when it comes to submitting the URL for the indexing purpose.

So, that’s how all new Google Submit URL feature works. Are you making use of it?

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https://yogeshkhetani.com/google-submit-url/feed/ 0
How to Speed up AMP Pages & Improve Mobile SEO Ranking https://yogeshkhetani.com/speed-up-amp-pages-mobile-seo-ranking/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/speed-up-amp-pages-mobile-seo-ranking/#respond Mon, 10 Apr 2017 03:57:56 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=1094 Here is how to speed up AMP pages and take your site to next level with the latest mobile SEO strategy.

The post How to Speed up AMP Pages & Improve Mobile SEO Ranking appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

With the mobile users overtaking desktop, need for faster loading mobile pages is on all time high. Google understands that and that’s why we had several experiments by Google like the Google Weblight and now the Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP Project]. AMP is now almost one and a half year old and still many publishers and website owners are yet to use this technology. Many of them have started using it and are competing for the best, something we should define it as AMP ranking or Mobile SEO ranking because it’s only valid for mobile results. Here is how to speed up AMP pages and take your site to next level with the latest mobile SEO strategy.Speed up AMP pages

How to Speed up AMP Pages

Are you ready to take your mobile SEO strategy to next level? If yes, then use Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP] project.

If you are using AMP on your WordPress or Drupal website then you should be aware that your competitors too are using the same plugin. On WordPress CMS, plugins have made thing easy. So, simply implementing AMP might not take your site to #1 automatically.

Talking about AMP, one of the success stories that hit our quick search on Google is of Shz.de who were able to load their news articles 4x faster and were able to get 25% additional pageviews per session [Read More].

Is AMP a new SEO Ranking Signal?

A couple of years back, Google made it clear that mobile optimization and https encryption are ranking factors. You can read the official blog post on Google Webmaster Central blog.

AMP pages might not be considered as a direct ranking factor. But since it makes your website content and important elements of the page visible to the users, you are making your website mobile friendly which in turn is a ranking factor. So, it’s a safe bet to have AMP version of your site as well.

Does AMP Pages Performs Faster Than Mobile Version of Your Site?

For, TechnosAmigos.com, one of Tech blog, until January 2017, I wasn’t using AMP. Infact I had trimmed down mobile version of TechnosAmigos.com to just load content and ads. I was able to generate good income but I was not following the latest trend. From my experiment, I learned that Google gives more priority to AMP page than the mobile version of your post.

Here is how to speed up AMP pages so that you can beat your competitors easily:

Serve what AMP is Intended for by Reducing Clutter

One thing you should understand here is that AMP pages are created in order to provide faster loading pages which give instant access to users for the content what they are looking for. So you should serve a page with minimum resource requests. This means that you should not be using the following things on your AMP pages –

  1. Disable Related Posts on AMP Pages : We love related posts, isn’t it? They definitely look nice and decreases bounce rate but in order to make your AMP pages even faster, you should consider them disabling it completely. If at all you want to use it, then just show 1 or 2 posts.
  2. Show Less Number of Links in AMP Menu : Too many Menu links could play a spoil alert for your page.
  3. Disable Previous / Next Article Feature on AMP : Many WordPress themes includes Previous / Next Articles section at the end of the post[below the related posts]. If you can avoid this, then it will reduce the number of requests.
  4. Reduced or Disable Ads on AMP Pages : You should know the fact that AMP loads content first and then the ads. So ads, doesn’t slow download time. But believe me, too many ads on a single page are annoying. The same goes for AMP version of your page as well. Reduce Ads on your AMP pages to just two or three ads units.
  5. Turn Off Featured Images on AMP Pages : Many AMP Plugins includes featured images toggle options. If your AMP WordPress plugin has that, then turning off the featured images will be a nice option.
  6. Don’t Use Logo on AMP Pages : It’s always a good advise to use text logo instead of the abstract logo on AMP pages.
  7. Remove Meta Info on AMP Pages : Apart from Author name and date, I don’t think other meta info like tags should be present on AMP Pages. After all you want minimal size AMP page.
  8. Remove Categories and Tags : As I said above, removing the category and tags from the meta info might help you to decrease the size of AMP Page.
  9. Less Chance of AMP Errors : By following steps 1 to 8, you will have reduced number of AMP implementation errors.

That would be enough for your AMP Page to dominate your competitors and provide your audience with better user experience.

Let Expert Handle it

Even though AMP WordPress Plugins makes it easier to get AMP version of your site pages, it might contain some errors. Your website’s AMP errors can be found through Search Console under Search Appearances > Accelerated Mobile Pages.AMP Error Reporting on Search Console

The following are the common AMP issues that you can have on your site –

AMP Error Description


Invalid layout property found in AMP tag Critical
Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag Critical
User-authored JavaScript found on page Critical
Prohibited HTML Tag with AMP equivalent Critical
Invalid CSS stylesheet Critical
AMP markup missing or incorrect Critical
Major content mismatch Critical
Syntax Error Critical
Minor content mismatch Non-Critical
Use of deprecated tags of attributes Non-Critical
Add AMP structured data Non-Critical


These critical AMP errors need attention. If you are a blogger, then your best chance to get your issue resolved is through WordPress community support. It’s always a nice advice to hire experts to handle this kind of issues. They are the one who can speed up your AMP pages so that you can dominate your competitors.

Use of AMP Ads

For starting AMP has one goal – to make content load faster on mobile for a better experience. This however not only applies to content but also to ads and other elements of a website. For a normal AMP page, the ads load only after content.

Google recently announced AMP for Ads [A4A] and AMP Ad Landing Pages, although this technology is in the early stage of development. With A4A, your native banner ad will load much faster. Just see the official example below –

AMP vs non-AMP ad comparison

Frederic Filloux in a blog post says that Google AMP is a mobile ads revolution. With AMP ads you will be able to load your ads with the same speed as the content.

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Twenty Seventeen Theme Review – Newest WP Default Theme https://yogeshkhetani.com/twenty-seventeen-theme-review-newest-wp-default-theme/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/twenty-seventeen-theme-review-newest-wp-default-theme/#respond Fri, 31 Mar 2017 14:35:35 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=908 With the WordPress 4.7, there comes Twenty Seventeen Theme as the new 2017 year is here. Checkout Twenty Seventeen Theme Review, Features & customization.

The post Twenty Seventeen Theme Review – Newest WP Default Theme appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

With the WordPress 4.7, there comes Twenty Seventeen Theme as the new 2017 year is here. And what a lovely time to publish this news first on December 31, 2016. Happy New Year to one and all. So here is the Twenty Seventeen Theme Review – what we think about it and some Twenty Seventeen Theme optimization tips.WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme review

Twenty Seventeen Theme Review

Twenty Seventeen Theme is designed by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce) and its the latest default WordPress theme which comes with all the WordPress installations. As of 2 January 2017, it has around 300,000 installs.
WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme

We know WordPress platform as a preferred blogging platform but what about business customers? Twenty Seventeen Theme is designed to focus more on bringing the business customers.

Twenty Seventeen with single-post

It’s a mobile responsive theme with fast loading web pages.

There is lot more you can do on your header as you can add expanding custom headers which includes videos and images.

Also Read – 51 Best ever WordPress Plugins

This new themes comes with your own language support.

Twenty Seventeen Theme Features

  • This theme is Accessibility Ready
  • You can add your choice of color as it supports Custom Colors
  • Custom Header always gives your blog a personalised feel
  • Custom Logo which can even include GIFs or your own video
  • Custom Menu – Almost every theme has that
  • Flexible Header
  • Footer Widgets
  • Choose from One Column / Two Columns
  • Right Sidebar
  • RTL Language Support
  • Includes Theme Options panel to control settings
  • Supports threaded comments
  • Fully responsive WordPress default theme
  • Translation Ready – Supports your own language as well

Learn how I make $3000+ a month from blogging

Twenty Seventeen vs Twenty Sixteen Theme

We love to compare, isn’t it? So here is what you should know about the Twenty Seventeen and Twenty Sixteen theme.

While Twenty Seventeen WordPress is more of a business theme, the Twenty Sixteen theme is all about neat and clean design, something right on money with fast loading mobile pages.

Download Twenty Seventeen Theme

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11 Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes – Best Selling https://yogeshkhetani.com/best-themeforest-wordpress-themes/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/best-themeforest-wordpress-themes/#respond Fri, 31 Mar 2017 14:34:25 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=920 We go through top selling & the Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes 2017. ThemeForest which is owned and operated by Envato houses lot of themes which is meant for your blogs and websites. The themes provided by ThemeForest are unique and specific to the user’s requirements. With 10,000+ premium themes, ThemeForest is the world’s largest marketplace […]

The post 11 Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes – Best Selling appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

We go through top selling & the Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes 2017.

ThemeForest which is owned and operated by Envato houses lot of themes which is meant for your blogs and websites. The themes provided by ThemeForest are unique and specific to the user’s requirements. With 10,000+ premium themes, ThemeForest is the world’s largest marketplace for premium website themes and templates for various platforms including HTML, WordPress, Magento and Ghost themes. Other platforms like Joomla and Drupal also support ThemeForest themes.

Best ThemeForest WordPress Themes

The premium themes in ThemeForest are available in the range of $15 to $65. Purchasing a theme also gives the users access to the community to get support. Mentioned below are the 11 best WordPress themes at ThemeForest

Newspaper Theme

Newspaper is one of the most downloaded WordPress Theme at ThemeForest. We on YogeshKhetani.com are currently using this theme by tagdiv.Newspaper ThemePrice – $59

Download Newspaper Theme || Demo

Avada WordPresss Theme

Avada is a responsive multi-purpose theme. The theme provides some of the best premium sliders and 5 header designs. It can easily be integrated with WooCommerce and has an intelligent admin panel. Avada also has animated circle script and padding controls. The #1 theme in ThemeForest is available for purchase for $65.

Price – $65

Download Avada Theme || Demo


X-The ultimate WordPress theme is the best WordPress theme available in ThemeForest. X is compatible with all the leading browsers and in all the WordPress versions. The theme can be easily customized with custom colors and unique layouts. The theme also has flat design and some creative styles.

Price : $65

Download X Theme || Demo


Enfold is the five star rated most flexible theme available in ThemeForest. With unlimited colors and layouts and providing multiple blogs and header designs, Enfold also features unique drag and drop feature for the layout and presents an SEO optimized theme for the users.

Price – $60

Download Enfold Theme || Demo


Salient is a responsive multi-purpose theme which presents a unique drag and drop feature. It has some extensive theme options with some of the premium exclusive sliders. The theme which can be easily integrated with WooCommerce has easy shortcode generator and can be easily customized.

Price – $60

Download Salient Theme || Demo

Also Read – Twenty Seventeen Theme Review


Metronic is the most trusted multipurpose admin theme available in ThemeForest. Metronic has unlimited layout options and has full-featured eCommerce and Front-end themes and has about 25 layered PSD files. Metronic has 500+ UI components, 70+ jQuery Plugins and 150+ template pages. The regular license of Metronic is available at a cost of $30.

Price – $30

Download Metronic Theme || Demo


SmartMag provides modern, clean and retina-ready HD WordPress themes. It has an integrated review system and features a unique drag and drop page builder for quicker access. The theme also has support for SEO and has features which make sure that the content looks appealing and usable.

Price – $52

Download SmartMag Theme

Florida WordPress Theme

Florida is a premium WordPress theme at ThemeForest which presents a simple but elegant and clean style and gives a strong focus on contents and readability. The theme can be used to design the websites for blogs, portfolio, businesses or companies.Florida WordPress Theme-min

Price – $59

Download Florida Theme

Jupiter Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Jupiter is a multipurpose theme which can be used to create single or multiple pages. Like other premium theme builders, Jupiter also features unique drag and drop feature and has tons of shortcodes. It is a full responsive SEO optimized theme and has one page and multi page scrolling facility.

Price – $59

Download Jupiter Theme


Porto is an HTML5 and CSS3 template which provides unlimited color options and boxed and wide layouts. There are 55+ pages to choose from the themes and has a Parallax One Page layout included with multiple headers and footers. Porto is best suited for those who are looking for a budget theme as it is priced at just $59 and it was $14 when they started.

Price – $59

Download Porto Theme


U-Design WordPress theme is responsive and mobile ready theme available in ThemeForest. With 7 sliders, unlimited colors and background variations and 600+ fonts, the theme is easy to customize. A striking feature of this theme is a 24/7 support forum where queries can be answered within no time. The theme is so popular that it is applied in more than 34,000 websites.U Design Theme

Price – $59

Download U-Design Theme

Do let us know which of these themes did you like.

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Best Minimal Genesis Themes | Fast Loading StudioPress Child Themes https://yogeshkhetani.com/best-minimal-genesis-theme/ https://yogeshkhetani.com/best-minimal-genesis-theme/#respond Fri, 31 Mar 2017 03:53:10 +0000 https://yogeshkhetani.com/?p=856 With the arrival Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP], theme developers have gone to minimal design rather than those fancy websites which increased the page size. Genesis themes by StudioPress has always ranked #1 in terms of fast loading WordPress themes but they have made competition tough as they unveil Genesis themes with minimal design. So lets go […]

The post Best Minimal Genesis Themes | Fast Loading StudioPress Child Themes appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

With the arrival Accelerated Mobile Pages [AMP], theme developers have gone to minimal design rather than those fancy websites which increased the page size. Genesis themes by StudioPress has always ranked #1 in terms of fast loading WordPress themes but they have made competition tough as they unveil Genesis themes with minimal design. So lets go through the best Minimal Genesis themes available right now, aka the Super fast loading StudioPress Child Themes.Best Minimal Genesis Themes

Best Minimal Genesis Themes

Brian from StudioPress has come up with Minimal Genesis theme collection separately because he think that minimum design with less number of requests and relatively low load on the server. The best thing is that these themes are code bloat free, so expect some tremendous results without using any AMP or plugin to reduce server load. In cases you might not need CDN services.

Go through the top Minimal Genesis themes available here –

Ludwig Genesis Child Theme

Featuring fixed header and unique sidebar, Ludwig is the top Genesis child theme with minimum design. It’s a mobile responsive theme with new HTML5 support.

Ludwig Genesis Theme

Price – $29

Also Read – 51 Best ever WordPress Plugins

Download | Demo

Artisanal Theme


Price – $29

Download | Demo

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Modern Studio Pro Theme

Price – $29

Download | Demo

No Sidebar Pro Theme

Price – $29

Download | Demo

Constance Theme

Constance Minimal Genesis Theme

Price – $29

Download | Demo

Fast Loading StudioPress Child Themes

Here are the Minimal Genesis Themes loading speed and pagespeed scores –

Theme Name PageSpeed Score Page Load Time YSlow Score Requests
Ludwig Theme 94 0.9 seconds 69 39
Artisanal Theme 91 0.9 seconds 71 31
Constance Theme 91 0.9 seconds 70 30
Modern Studio Pro Theme 90 1.1 seconds 69 38
No Sidebar Pro Theme 96 0.8 seconds 85 26


Note: You will need Genesis Framework for these child themes to work which costs only $60 [Buy it Now].

The post Best Minimal Genesis Themes | Fast Loading StudioPress Child Themes appeared first on YogeshKhetani.com - Blogging Reloaded.

https://yogeshkhetani.com/best-minimal-genesis-theme/feed/ 0