Listed here are the Best Ad Networks with No Traffic Requirements or the ad networks with quick site approval.

In times when popular Ad networks ask for approval, prior getting started as publishers, there exist ad networks on the web which quickly approves your site as they have no approval or no traffic requirements for acceptance.

Best Adnetwork with no traffic requirements 2018

Below we have listed best Ad networks with no traffic requirements to be included as publishers –


Chitika is known and existing contextual advertising network. It’s a good CPC network with no approval required or no traffic requirement. It didn’t pick up when its competitors grew along with it. Silver ads publishers are approved quickly but Gold Ads premium publishers are upgraded once you achieve the required amount of impressions.


Yet another ad network with no traffic requirement and instant approval to all the publishers. They have come up with fixed CPC rate for international traffic.


A pure Cost Per Click network, Bidvertiser is somewhat like Chitika, didn’t pick up when they had time. Still, they are existing in the market with $10 as the minimum payout.Bidvertiser


If you are confused on what works best on your site, try out Smowtion as it’s based on CPC and CPM. For publishers, it has no minimum traffic requirement and quickly approves publishers but minimum payout is set high at $100.

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Propeller Ads

By far the best ad network and possible AdSense alternative. We are using it along with AdSense on all of our blogs and it has fetched us satisfactory results. Join Propeller Ads and give them one month try.

Propeller Ads Media

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So those were some of the Ad networks which doesn’t ask for traffic and quickly approves publishers account.